5 Steps To Knowing What Guys Want

by Fred Ong   |  Jul 19, 2010
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Step 1: Embrace the inner you.

When girls take the time to make themselves look good, guys will inevitably stand up and take notice. But the most important part is what happens after the initial physical attraction, after the guy picks you out of all the other girls in the club, walks on over, and starts a conversation. No two girls are made exactly the same, not even Mary-Kate and Ashley. That means every girl has something in her personality that will draw guys to her; the key is finding it and using it to your advantage. If you’re outspoken, be outspoken; guys will love the fact that you’re not afraid to say what’s on your mind. If you’re on the demure side then be demure; guys will be attracted to the fact that you’re mysterious and don’t say much outside of the occasional smile. The most important thing to remember—and I can’t stress this enough—is to be yourself and work with your strengths. Those are the things that draw people to you in the first place… and I’m not just talking about boys. Perfect example: we all saw what happened when Jim Carrey stopped with the comedy movies and tried to do serious films, right? So girls, let that be a lesson to all of you. Don’t try to be The Truman Show when you know you’re really an Ace Ventura.

Step 2: Laughter is definitely the best medicine

It may sound like an old cliché but it’s very much the truth: guys really do like girls who have a sense of humor. Nobody wants to have conversations that only deal with serious things; how can you find that “spark” with a guy if all you’re talking about is the most recent price hike or how you think the new president will do? Don’t be afraid to share embarrassing experiences or make fun of yourself. It just shows that you’re comfortable with the conversation at hand and at the same time, it helps put the guy at ease. Most girls are afraid to say something silly because they’re afraid that the guy might get turned off. Ladies, your being silly does not translate into you being an airhead, and most certainly does not turn us off (bad breath, on the other hand...). Humor can take all the stiffness out of any environment and is probably the best icebreaker you can use. Just be careful not to try too hard to find the right thing to say, because the wittiest remarks and best punchlines come naturally. Like I said before, guys love it when we’re able to make girls laugh (it’s good for our egos) but at the same time, we want girls to make us laugh, too.


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