5 Signs You Should Give Your Relationship a Second Try

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 17, 2015
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So you've decided to finally break up with your guy. But you have this nagging feeling that you could be wrong about your decision and that maybe, you should give the relationship a second chance. There are days when you're on the verge of calling him and welcoming him into your arms again, but there are also days when you're just too scared that you'll just break up again and by then, it will hurt the two of you more. If you've been asking yourself whether it's okay to give the relationship its second chance or not, here's something you may want to read. Just a reminder, Candy Girls, the decision is ultimately yours. Good luck!

 1  The breakup fight escalated quickly.

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You were just talking about where you should eat for dinner then you ended up fighting about how he doesn't prioritize your needs. Next thing you know, you two have called it quits. When you try to recall what it was really that you were arguing about, you end up in a blur. You think that if both of you had talked about it and listened to each other like reasonable people, maybe you won't be in this situation right now.


 2  Even your family and friends say you should get back together.

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Your loved ones have been there for the two of you, since the beginning of your relationship. If there's an opinion you should consider, it's theirs. They see just how great you are together and how you two are the best when you're there to support each other. If they can see that, there might be a good reason you should, too.

 3  You've been in each other's lives for a while.

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We know time isn't supposed to be the basis of your relationship, but it's great if you can look back on how long you've been together. Is it difficult to imagine not talking to him or having him in your life? Maybe those are things to consider, too.

 4  His history, your history look great together.

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If you look back on the time you spent together, you can see and still feel how happy he made you and there wasn't a time when you ever doubted that he loves you.

 5  He's willing to go to great lengths to prove he still loves you.

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He never stopped asking you to take him back. He's sorry and tells you that he's willing to make compromises and meet you halfway so you can be together again. He doesn't force you, but waits for you to make up your mind. He's willing to do everything in his power to prove that he's worth another try—and maybe, just maybe he is.

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