5 Signs You're Falling Out of Love and How To Deal

How do you deal with the fact that things between you and your guy aren't the same anymore? Let us help.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 25, 2015
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The thing about falling out of love or growing apart in a relationship is that it doesn't happen overnight. It's a gradual process of you and your guy drifting apart and setting your vision on different directions. But here's another truth: there's always a remedy for this. You don't have to split up right away once you feel that things aren't the way they used to be. Check the signs and work on your relationship. Believe us, this is a normal part of any relationship and you're going to be fine.

 1  You easily get frustrated.

When you first started dating, you had more patience for his faults. You really didn't mind that he misspells a few words sometimes or that he tends to zone out when you're talking about your day or that he's always five minutes late for your dates. But after a few months, every single mistake he does goes unnoticed. It takes everything in you to hold your tongue and just brush it aside. What do you do?


Remember that when you got in this relationship with your guy, you love him—and not only his good parts, but also the not-so likeable ones. You have your quirks, too, and your guy is patient when you make mistakes. Isn't it unfair if you're quick to anger when he commits one when he's been so patient with you?

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 2  You're not patient when communicating with him.

You're fighting more often than usual, and sometimes your misunderstandings start because of something so petty. Then you both find yourselves bringing issues from the past that are supposed to have really been resolved already. How do you deal with this?

No matter how hard it is, try and listen. Don't let your impatience get the best of you and always, always look at things from your bae's perspective.

 3  Distance doesn't hurt anymore.


You start to feel fine about not seeing him for days or weeks. You're enjoying your time apart more than when you're together because you just feel annoyed when you're around him. What can you do about this?

Do something new together. You and your bae just need time to experience something new. Try a new restaurant with him or go on a daytrip together. Plan activities that will require both of you to pay more attention to each other's feelings.

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 4  You stop sharing your secrets with him.

You don't get to talk to him as often and you don't even initiate a conversation anymore. You're more comfortable talking about your day and what's up in school with your best friends than with him. Sometimes, your friends are even the first ones to know about something new you're working on instead of him. What to do about this?


Try, try, and try talking to him first once you get home or once you're done with your homework. But don't just talk about yourself. Ask him open-ended questions about his day, too, and what kept him happy and busy during the time you were apart.

 5  You're not willing to exert effort anymore.

This is probably the most obvious sign that you're falling out of love: When you just don't want to spend your energy on him. You don't care how he's feeling anymore or if he's pissed or if he's feeling good. You don't care about what he thinks and what he thinks of you. You just don't care, period. How do you deal?

You have to remind yourself why you're in that relationship. Chances are, you've been together for quite a while and you've forgotten  how much you love him and how much you've been crazy about him. You just have to get back to that place again and ask him for help to be able to do that. It won't be easy but if you do love him and love being in a relationship with him, it's going to be worth it.


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The thing we should all remember is that love is a choice. Your feelings will change so much as time passes. The butterflies in your stomach will go away. The amount of kilig you feel will not be as much or as strong as the first time you saw each other. But you have the choice to stay and work on the relationship with your bae—not because you don't want your times together to go to waste but because you love him, period.

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