5 Signs That Your Fights Are Keeping Your Relationship Healthy

Calm down and stop overthinking, Candy Girl.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Feb 10, 2016
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Fighting in a relationship is normal. These arguments are meant to keep you and your guy closer to each other and make your bond stronger. But how can you tell if these fights are still serving their purpose? How do you know it still keeps your relationship healthy? How do you make sure that it's not driving you in opposite directions? We've rounded up five signs to help you figure things out, Candy Girls. Take down notes!

  1. You realize that a new argument isn't meant to add to your list of Things To Rant About When You Fight Again.

    The topic of your arguments don't add to your Things To Bring Up When We Fight Again list. As a matter of fact, that list doesn't exist anymore because you've learned to talk about it like reasonable individuals. Once you've both said your apologies, the fight ends. You don't bring up old issues while resolving your new fights because those issues have been forgiven. They've been resolved before.

  2. The fights make you realize your differences, and those bring you closer together.

    If there's one thing you've come to accept during the times you've fought with each other, it's your differences. You're too different from each other, and that's okay. They're nothing to worry about, because those differences have brought you closer together as you both figure out a way to make it up to the other person.

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  3. You don't fight about the same issue again and again.

    You've fought about a certain issue once or twice and after that, things went well. You've both learned your lesson after an argument and you've both remembered them by heart. Because you don't want to upset each other or hurt each other ever again, you take note of what not to do next time. 

  4. Eventually, you learn which things are worth fighting about and which ones are just things to laugh about.

    You've already argued before because of a lot of things and by now, you both know which ones involve serious talks and which ones involve a talk and a good laugh after. You've both learned not to blow small things out of proportion and to not laugh off serious issues. Which brings us to the fifth item...

  5. The fights become fewer as your relationship progresses.

    And because you've both learned how to handle each other in the middle of a heated argument and how to handle the argument itself, your fights become fewer and fewer. Sometimes, fights don't even happen at all. That doesn't mean the relationship has become boring or that you've learned to tolerate the other person's mistakes, though. That just means that your relationship has already become stable that you can talk about anything—serious or not—without raising your voices and getting annoyed at each other.

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