5 Signs He's Into You

Heads up, Candy Girls! Time to face the facts.
by Thea Miranda   |  May 15, 2012
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Guy's minds are just out of this world, don't you agree? One moment they say one thing and the next, they say another. It's hard to decipher if he is really into you or he just treats all his girl friends that way. Assuming is the last thing that you should do. However, you should also open your eyes and see the facts. Don't end up being heartless as a rock and miss the signs. Heads up, Candy Girls! Here are 5 signs he's into you.

  1. He remembers everything you say. When you hang out, he recalls everything you say and repeats it throughout your conversation. This means he is paying attention to small details like that. The dude likes you when he keeps on bugging you about small things, if he irritates you, or if he acts like he is mad at you or something. It only means that he cares, he wants you to notice him, or he is jealous of that other guy you are entertaining.
  3. He looks at you—a lot. It can be either of two things: borderline stalker or the poor guy has fallen madly, deeply in crush with you. Here, you catch him looking at you, watching you from across the room and staring like a hawk. A guy who digs you wants to watch what you do, all the time because he wants to know what you are interested in so he knows what topic to bring up when he first approaches you and such.
  5. He seeks for your friend's approval. It's a well-thought-out strategy really. He tries to be a part of your world by being nice to your friends. His goal is to eventually get your friends to do the thumbs up and agree that he is the right guy for you. Don't deny it. In matters of the heart, we always need our BFF's approval right? If he's paying attention and consistent with this, he knows that soon enough he'll get that nod of approval.
  7. He talks to you more often than usual. He goes out of his way just to talk to you however busy he is. He finds time for you and he makes an effort. Basically, he doesn't care what he has to do as long as it means being near you. Remember, the more time with you, the more he can prove that he is the man you've been looking for all this time.
  9. If he admits that he likes you. If this is not a sign, then I don’t know what is. Having him admit up front that he’s into you is the ultimate sign. It takes a man so much courage to do this and having him admit that he is into you only means one thing, the dude really likes you!

What are the signs that make you  think he's into you? Spill in the comment box below!

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