5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date Your Friend's Ex

Avoid the drama, ladies.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 21, 2016
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Dating your friend's ex is a little tricky. Of course, you've been her confidant and shoulder-to-cry-on when she was with the guy and they broke up. Things can seem a little awkward because you know his flaws and imperfections even before you two started dating each other. We asked our Candy Cuties about this and they feel the same way, too. Below, they give you reasons why you just shouldn't date your friend's ex.

"No. Just show respect for your friend. There are so many fish in the sea." —LA Aguinaldo
"I really think that depends on the two of you. They should at least talk about it and if both of them are comfortable with the idea, then I don't see why not." —Kris Porter
"No, you won't want to hurt and disrespect your friend." —Fiel Buencamino
"Never, it causes too much drama and it never lasts anyway." —Nico Alleje
"If she was really your friend, you shouldn't. It's just a matter of respect. If you respect your friend, then you shouldn't." —Neil Dy

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