5 Reasons Why You Should Be Crushing On Marlon Stockinger

Get to know the Prince of Speed and why you should totes be crushing on him!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jul 26, 2014
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Filipino-Swiss race car driver Marlon Stockinger looks like he descended from the heavens and decided to shower us with his cuteness. Well, that's half the story. The other half is that he's meant to fulfill his dream of becoming the first Filipino racing athlete to become an F1 driver. After all, he's been dubbed as The Prince of Speed.

Globe Telecom and Lotus F1 recently gathered select members of the press to get to know him better, and we've confirmed what we've been thinking all along: This cutie is definitely crush-worthy.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Crushing On Marlon Stockingervia marlonatics.tumblr.com


1. He loves this country.
When asked about his dream destination, the athlete answers, "The Philippines, because it's always just nice to come home. I'm never home that often so, for sure, it's the Philippines."

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2. He has big dreams for Filipino motor sport athletes.
"Hopefully one day, whether it'd be my name or someone else's, we get to have a Filipino driver in F1. We haven't had one so, hopefully, by achieving that goal and eventually getting there, we'd be able to show my countrymen that we can compete with the best in the pinnacle of motor sport."

3. He prefers not to use racing pickup lines on a girl.
"I've never thought of one. I try not to use it, honestly. If a girl likes you without knowing that, that's a bonus because she likes you for who you are to begin with. You come in boasting, that would be a bit arrogant. I prefer not to use the racing card."


4. He's got his head in the game.
When asked if he'd want to bring a girl on a racing date, Marlon answers, "I'm there all the time and it's more for work. I don't like to bring other people in there as often because it's really stressful. It can also be unfair to your partner or girlfriend or family sometimes."

5. He believes in timing.
How fast is too fast for this motor sport athlete? "If you want a relationship with someone and it's going a little quicker than what you feel, then I think that's too fast. How is that exactly? You can't say because some people click right away, and sometimes you grow on a person or a person grows on you." So would he kiss a girl on a first date? "If it's the  right moment and if it clicks, then why not?"

On August 30, Marlon will be in Bonifacio Global City to celebrate motor sport, his recent 3rd place win at the prestigious Nurburgring leg of the 2014 Formula Renault 3.5 Series, and Globe and Lotus F1's partnership for the Globe Slipstream. He'll be driving his Lotus-Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5 car from 1-5 PM in 15-20 minute sessions to give his fans an idea of what he's doing when he's racing in Europe.


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