5 Promises Every Single Girl Should Make with Herself

"I promise to love. Still. Over and over again."
by Alyssa Jose   |  Sep 17, 2016
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You have your good days and your bad days; last Wednesday you felt really good about the independence that comes with being single; spending time alone made you feel really empowered. However that "strong, independent woman" crumbled by Saturday. You felt really sorry for yourself as you sobbed between spoonfuls of ice cream, drowning into some wedding video playing in the background.

It is okay to let it get to you from time to time, TBH, being single can really get pretty lonely; but please make sure that you'll look after yourself, always put you first. Here are some promises you could make to yourself to make sure that you are doing just that:

  1. "I promise to learn how to enjoy my own company."

There is an art to being alone without feeling lonely; explore that. Blast your favorite songs and sing at the top of your lungs, go for a stroll and watch a beautiful sunset by yourself, sit with a good book in the corner of a quiet café (a warm croissant and a cup of strong coffee optional); whatever brings you bliss, until you forget that you are alone.


Find peace in the fact that your happiness does not always have to come from another person, you can make yourself happy.

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  1. "I promise not to apologize for how I feel, for what I believe in, for what I stand for."

Promise that you'd never compromise your self-worth to keep a person in your life. You are a strong woman with a voice that deserves to be heard and your opinions should matter just as much as his, just as much as everyone else's. Never force yourself to bend, and shrink, and change, just for someone to love you.

You deserve someone who respects the truth that a woman can take up space and not feel sorry for it.

  1. "I promise never to settle for anything less than I know I deserve."

Pressure to find The One will be coming in from a hundred different directions; brace yourself. Promise that you would assert the kind of love that you deserve because you are a woman who knows her worth. You are better than the sweet pillow talk coming from his lips, or the half-hearted promises you know he couldn't keep.


You deserve nothing less than love that doesn't have a hint of uncertainty. You deserve someone who is sure of you.

  1. "I promise to surround myself with people who love me for who I am."

Promise to keep the people you love close to you. There will be days when the thought of being unloved will strike you and bring you to tears. They will hold you to make you realize that you were absolutely wrong for thinking that because they have loved you, every part of you, the beautiful and the damned, since day one. 

  1. "I promise to love. Still. Over and over again."

No matter how many times you get hurt, because choosing to love even though falling could always mean some breaking is the bravest thing you could ever do. Promise to never stop believing that the love you give out to the world will always find its way back to you. Promise that you'll be patient enough to wait for the time when you'd fall without your heart breaking because someone is standing right there to catch it.


Promise to never stop believing that the love you give out to the world will always find its way back to you.

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