5 in 5: Bret Jackson

We cornered Bret during our shoot and asked him 5 questions. Will he be able to answer all in less than 5 minutes?
  |  Oct 6, 2010
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  1. What can you say about the people saying you look like Justin Bieber?
    I’m older than him and I had this kind of hairstyle before he did so maybe he’s copying me. (laughs) No but that’s cool, a lot of people like him. That’s a big compliment, I guess so it’s all good.
  2. What else do you like to do besides singing?
    Hosting. I’m in MYX now so you’ll see me do a lot of hosting there but I to do my own music host show.
  3. Who do you want to collaborate with in the future?
    Sam Milby, Yeng Constantino, Chicosci, Sandwich.
  4. Where do you get inspiration in writing your songs?
  5. We saw how you were with the housemates inside the PBB house. How important is friendship to you?
    It’s really important. You can’t really get through life without good friends.

Time: 1 minute and 36 seconds


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