5 Guys You Meet While Traveling

The quintessential list of potential guys you will meet when you travel.
by Mathew S. Chan for TravelBook.ph   |  Oct 17, 2016
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When your mother tells you that you need to go out there so you can meet people, she's most likely implying that you to do something about your sedentary lifestyle and the lack of romance in your life (ouch!).

While social media and dating apps can set us up on a date with a tap of a button, there's still nothing like, what Mom said, going out there, experiencing a new culture, and meeting guys from different places at the same time. But before you pack your bags, here are five guys that you'll possibly meet on your travels. Get to know them first before they get to know you.

  1. The Hungry Artist

People travel for different reasons but The Hungry Artist travels voraciously to see the world, hoping to get inspired by the places he visits. He comes in two types; the literally hungry artist who is also starving because his money is always spent on traveling, and the one who is just hungry for ideas, trying to quench his creative drought. They make great lovers and are passionate in a relationship, especially if you become the source of their inspiration. But be warned because you could just be a passing fancy until their next big idea.

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  1. The Broke Backpacker 

Backpacking is an affordable way of traveling but to him, it is his life. What he lacks in cash, he makes up in experience. He's been to all four corners of the world and his stories never end. You'll probably meet him in the common room of your hostel, late at night after a long day's adventure. His look can be a bit grungy and unkempt, but he still manages to be presentable and charismatic. 

  1. The Small Town Boy

There is something about a quiet town and a peaceful environment that is so appealing. The same goes with The Small Town Boy. He's very simple, yet straightforward. He doesn't pretend to be anything but himself, and that kind of honesty is refreshing to the soul. He's a great listener, eager to hear you about your adventures and what’s it like in your hometown. He can sometimes be old-fashioned that he wants to take care of you all the time, but he also respects you and your independence.


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