5 Guys Who Can Flatten Your Guy's Ego

by Lio Mangubat   |  Feb 21, 2010
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Men—especially boyfriends—are suave, smooth, and oh-so-unshakable... that is, until we meet these guys. The result? Nagging doubts, flailing egos, and maybe even full-blown jealousy. It may not make sense to you, so we're here to give you the heads-up before it happens!

The Pop Kid
There's one in every school: that one guy who's more handsome, smoother with the ladies, and, face it, more popular than your boyfriend. When your school's resident hunk walks down the school corridors (cleats carelessly thrown over the shoulder, perhaps, or the minutes of the last council meeting under his arm), girls faint helplessly at his wake.
Insecurity Guard:
If your boyfriend actually does get jealous of this guy, it says more about his issues and insecurities than anything else. Come on, dude... get a grip! Of course, it's another matter entirely if you spend the whole day gushing, swooning, fainting, and otherwise going nuts over Mr. Popular. Now that's just wrong.


The Ex
If there's any subject guys hate the most, it's history. Especially your history. Like some stubborn archaeological ruins, some guys just won't stay in the past where they belong. Yep, we're talking about your ex-boyfriend... you know, the guy you broke up with just a couple of months ago?
Insecurity Guard:
In an ideal world, your current boyfriend would prefer that your ex-boyfriend didn't exist at all, or at the very least, moved to another dimension. Of all the guys mentioned here, the Artist Formerly Known As Your Prince is probably the one most likely to cause your boyfriend nail-biting anxiety. With exes, guys might strictly implement a "speak no evil, hear no evil" policy: don't talk about them, don't get in touch with them, and don't say hi to them in the school corridors. A bit harsh, true, so here's a more lenient rule of thumb: out of respect for your current BF, just try to keep your distance, okay?

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The Dad
Ever watched Meet the Parents? Yes, that's exactly how we feel. And that's exactly how we look at your dad: the most intimidating man on the planet. Not only is he stern, aloof, and protective, he's also 100% positive that there's no guy out there who's worthy of his little girl.
Insecurity Guard:
Whatever your dad's feelings are towards your boyfriend, your guy will just have to learn to deal with them. Truth is, majority of dads do look down on the guy in their little girl's heart, and it's up to your guy to prove himself. Make sure he's courteous, presentable, and dignified, especially when he meets your family. You can help even your guy's parental approval odds by saying nice things about him at the dinner table. Try briefing him beforehand with helpful info, too.

The Best Friend
No, no, no, we're not talking about your BFF, or even your best gay bud. We're talking about that one-of-a-kind straight guy who's managed to worm his way into your best "guy friend" (GF) role.
Insecurity Guard:
Your boyfriend's a loser if he tries to make you stop hanging out with this guy. He's just a friend, for crying out loud! Make your boyfriend realize this by, well, hooking them up. (In a manly way, of course.) The moment your BF's real friends with your GF, then everything will be a-okay. After all, it's a cardinal commandment of manhood that you don't make a move on your friend's girl. In the end, all concerned parties win: you get to keep your friend, and the guys get to make a new one.


The Lab Partner
Chemistry is a dangerous subject. You combine two unlikely reactants together, old chemical bonds are broken, new bonds are formed, and suddenly there's a whole new molecular pair. No wonder boyfriends view chem class with such suspicion.
Insecurity Guard:
By "lab partner," we don/t just mean guys in lab coats; we mean any guy who/s in close-quarters with you simply because school or extra-curriculars demand it. Whether it's dissecting frogs in Bio or tossing discs in the Ultimate Frisbee Club, it's best to keep such relationships strictly "professional"; that is, you hang out with them and that's it. Don't get so caught up in your own stuff that you forget to remind your boyfriend that he's still number one in your heart.

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