5 Differences Between Your "Ex" and Your Ex-Boyfriend

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 9, 2014
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You have your boyfriend. And when it ends, you attach the prefix "ex-" before the word, suggesting the end of a relationship, something you both have agreed upon. But what about those guys you almost dated? The guys you'll never know what you could have had with? They should count, too, right? Yup, they do. But here's us reminding you where to draw the line and where things somehow merge into one.


Seriously Dating. When you describe what you had with the ex-boyf, you almost always find yourself using the word "serious" for everything. Yes, you were seriously dating. Yes, it got serious when he introduced you to his family. Or yes, you seriously thought about your game plan for when you both go to college. 


Casually Dating. When you describe what you had with the "ex," you won't know what to say at first. You went out, just the two of you on weekends. You never dated anyone else—and it somehow didn't matter if he did. It was just... casual, irregular, and impermanent.

All Rights Reserved. You can cry hysterically or even go ballistic when you see him with another lady days after it's over. The world will always understand because c'mon, you were his girlfriend once upon a time.

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No Rights Reserved. Sorry, girl, but you don't have any right to get mad at him when you see him after he disappeared for days with another girl. That's just how you'll roll.

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Commitment. You can live happily ever after... until one or both of you decide to let go. No Strings Attached. You can live in confusion for a while... until one of you suddenly evaporates into thin air or something.

Relationship. There's always one word people go back to when your names are mentioned: Relationship. "Oh yes, they've been in a relationship for a while," they say.

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Fling. Undefined. Non-relationship. Almost. There are a hundred words in the English dictionary that could describe him and you, but it'll never be the words "relationship" and "us." When someone mentions your name, they'll get lost in a web of confusion. "I think she's dating that guy," or "I'm not sure if she's dating him." Clarity? What clarity?

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You break up. There was something concrete that you can both end. You do The Talk and agree (disagree?) that you're calling things off. You just lose track. You won't know what happened along the way. If you're lucky or if the stars line up for you, you'll get an explanation. IF you are lucky.
But who are we kidding here? Just because you didn't get into formalities doesn't mean it hurts less when things stop. Whether he was your ex-boyfriend or just some ex, your heart will still break and you still have to go through the messy process of moving on.  


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