5 Dating Mistakes That Only Happen in the Age of Social Media

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 4, 2015
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  1. Talking about your date online. Whether it went good or really bad, posting a status update or tweeting about your time together is a big no-no—doesn't matter if it's about your date or the resto where he decided to take you. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of people who don't feel comfortable reading about what they've been up to online. If you feel like sharing how your moment with him went, just send your friends a message in your Viber group or a private message on Facebook. Just share the deets of your with the people whom you trust with whatever information you divulge.

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  2. Going out with someone "new" and not doing damage control first. So you've been through a breakup and now you finally want to explore the other fish in the sea. We totes understand where you're coming from, but please delete or at least hide all the photos of your ex first. Just put yourself in the shoes of your date. Would you like it if you dated someone who still stores these images on his account?

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  3. Going online while you're out with someone. Be polite and spend time with the person who's sitting infront of you. He may be boring or really not interesting for you, but he took some time off his life to spend time with you. How would you feel if your date tinkered with his smartphone while you were talking to him? Bet you would really find that offensive, so don't do it to him.

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  4. Mentioning something which you could've only known by stalking him. Admit it, you stalk people you date, too. It's like doing research and making sure you have something to talk about when you eat dinner out together. That's good, but make sure you don't slip and say a few details which you could have only obtained by reading his super old posts, like who his kindergarten classmates are or where he had his first communion.

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  5. Documenting your date a little too much. It's a definite no-no especially when you're out on your first date. Try not to take stolen photos of him or style your meal so it'd look Instagram-worthy or take a selfie with him. We know you want to remember the first time you went out with this guy or post something about the wonderful place he's found for the two of you, but doing these things might just make him feel really awkward. Remember that, like you, he's also testing the waters still. Give him a little more time to warm up to you first.

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