3 Ways You Can Make Your Boyfriend More Kilig in Your Relationship

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Apr 10, 2017
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There is a good reason why people love spontaneity in a relationship. When you've been together for a while, things will stop being "new" to you. Your date nights will probably feel more like routine. You've memorized how they respond to your actions and react to your mistakes. Basically, you know almost every little thing about them.

Which is why to strengthen your relationship with the boyfriend, Roni Beth Tower, PhD, ABPP, recommends couples to create surprises even in the smallest things, like your everyday actions towards each other. This just makes sense because according to her, little surprises tap on something so personal and intimate—knowing what makes the other person tick. (via MyDomaine.com)

With some help from My Domaine, we found three simple ways for you to incorporate this in your everyday life with the boyfriend. Remember, it really doesn't have to be grand. The smallest and the most unexpected surprises are the best.

  1. Don't just offer to help, but help them right away.

There are a lot of tough days in college because there are also a ton of school requirements you need to submit on such a short time. If you can see that you're babe is having a difficult time balancing all the things he needs to do, edit his paper for him or even transcribe interviews for his thesis. Offering to just help them won't help because he'll probably be shy to ask you, knowing you both have requirements to submit. Instead, do it right away without asking and without waiting for him to ask.

  1. Give them little gifts for no reason at all.

Nope, we're not saying that you buy them a watch or a stuffed bunny. Brighten their day by providing some beauty in their life. You can do this by leaving their favorite scent in the car or leaving an artwork you did yourself on their desk to remind them of your happy days. Make them realize that you have respect for the space they love and call home. 

  1. Give them something that will warm their heart.

Pay attention to the details, Candy Girls. Notice that your boyfriend is coughing or sneezing? Buy him vitamins or meds for cough or colds. Did he tell you that he hates summer because he sweats a lot? Hand him a towel when you're out and about. Providing your babe with some comfort without him actually telling you is a form of making him feel that you love him. Words are important, but there are moments when actions mean more.

How do you make your boyfriend feel more kilig? Share your ideas in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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