3 Things Girls with Commitment Issues Want You to Know

You might want to reconsider.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Oct 20, 2016
Image: Lily Collins | instagram.com/lilyjcollins
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We all know at least one person who's afraid of commitments or being in a relationship. But have you ever thought what brought them to that situation or why they have this huge fear of being with another person?

Most of the time, when you get to talk to them, they will probably tell you that it was because of a past experience without giving you specific details so you'd understand them better. In order to help you with that dilemma, we've rounded up a few articles on the site. Click the links below to read them, maybe one of these can be your aid in dealing with someone you know who's a commitment-phobe.

  1. A past relationship changed their outlook.

Most people who are afraid of being in a relationship give this as a reason. Maybe they've been in a really bad relationship before or they've been with somebody and things just didn't work out or maybe they've been burned once they got too close to another person. 

  1. They are waiting for something.

It can be a person or a feeling we just can't put a finger on. Or maybe it's a sign they've been looking for before they take a big leap, something that can give them the assurance that this time around things will be different, better than what they've had before.

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  1. They are scared of getting hurt.

While heartbreaks are really helpful because they give you lessons you can use later in life or because they strengthen you in the long run, not all of us are ready to handle one. There's no assurance that your next painful experience will be a learning experience—because believe it or not, there are just some heartbreaks that are too devastating that it becomes too much.

So what do you do if you know someone who's a commitment phobe? You love them anyway, even if it's just in silence for now. Ultimately, they will see you're different than the person they know because you stayed. And your presence? Maybe that's the sign they've been waiting for, the sign that will change their mind.


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