20 Questions with 20 Guys

Guys are really the hardest things to understand. We ask some guys questions we're sure you'll love to know the answers to.
  |  Aug 6, 2010
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  1. What do guys really want in a relationship?
    It really depends on the age of the guy you’re asking, I guess. We have different levels of maturity and therefore different wants in a relationship. In high school, some guys might just want to experience the whole idea of having a girlfriend and the other stories and stereotypes that go with it. In college, maybe after learning more about yourself from your high school partner, you feel that what you were looking for three years ago isn’t what you’re looking for now. A simple, short answer though would be: happiness, not for me, but for the girl. Every guy simply wants his girl to be happy. If the guy is really into her, seeing her smile 24/7 is all he’ll ever need. —Miki
  2. What’s the best way a girl can strike up a conversation with you?
    If she doesn’t know me yet, all she has to do is walk up to me and introduce herself, then we can start chatting. Most if not all guys don’t bite and wouldn’t mind getting to know girls. If I do know the girl already, she can simply talk to me like how she’d talk to her other guy friends… normally and coolly. —Miguel
  3. Should the girl pay for or share the bill once in a while or should it always be on you?
    Share the bill once in awhile. The money saved can go to her birthday gift and other special occasions. A lot of guys will want to always be gentlemen but by offering to share or pay for the bill every so often, the guy would appreciate even just the act of offering itself. —Angelo
  4. Is it ok if your ex or someone you went for goes for one of your friends?
    It depends. If the guy is a really good friend of mine, it’s unacceptable. That’ll be a low blow. If the guy is just an acquaintance, then it’s fine. There’s nothing I can really do about it. —Martin
  5. How will a girl know if you just want to be friends and nothing more?
    I don’t like playing mind games, so for me, if I only see a girl as a friend, that’s how I will treat her and nothing more. It would make things easier if there are less assumptions and less meaning read into certain things said and done. Many platonic things are sometimes mistaken to be something special already. —Nix
  6. What’s the best way for a girl to approach you?
    I think the best time for a girl to approach a guy is when the guy doesn’t look occupied in a group or busy. When that time comes, she should just walk up to him, smile and say, “Hey, what’s up?” and try to be as natural about it as possible. —Carlos
  7. What would it take for a second date or follow-up call?
    Three things: Physical attraction, smart and interesting conversation, and a lot of laughter and good humor. —Bits
  8. How can a girl make you like her?
    I like girls with substance. It makes them more attractive. It will help if she reads or knows about art, culture, and other things. Wit, a great personality, and good looks combined are ideal. It would also be good if she doesn’t play too many mind games. —Enzo
  9. What’s the most polite and modest way a girl can turn you down?
    Just by saying that she already has plans on that particular day. She doesn’t have to come up with a complicated alibi because it becomes obvious at times. Neither does she have to be arrogant or snooty. —Aldo
  10. Is it ok if a girl asks you out or calls or texts first?
    Yes, that would be great. It shows how much confidence and security the girl has. Guys actually wonder why the whole “Maria Clara” thing still exists today. It doesn’t make the girl come across as cheap or desperate if she initiates anything innocent. A girl who can do this, I think, will be fun to hang out with. —Paolo

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