20 Guy Goof-Ups

We turn the tables and spill guys' most embarrassing moments this time around!
  |  May 27, 2010
Compiled by Monique Buensalido and Maiki Enriquez * illustration by Vergil Espinosa
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  1. Law of Karma
    My friend once failed the easiest math test in the world and I began calling him stupid. A few days after that incident, we were at the mall when I noticed him laughing at me. That's when I realized that I had my shirt on backwards.  Now who's the stupid one? Bud, 17

  2. Trip On Love
    While my girlfriend was in the middle of introducing me to her parents, I tripped over a cord. Oops! Miguel, 18

  3. Ditzy Dancing
    Our friend was celebrating his birthday. We wanted to surprise him with a funny number, so a friend and I donned tube tops and miniskirts. We prepared to do an exotic dance for him! The moment he entered the room, we started showing off our hilarious dance steps. But suddenly, I tripped! I landed on my butt, with my legs spread wide, exposing my underwear to a dozen unfortunate spectators. George, 17

  4. Spill It
    While watching a scary movie, I got so freaked out with one scene that I spilled the glass of iced tea I was holding. The next thing I knew, my date was wearing my drink...it splattered all over her pretty dress. Francis, 17

  5. Choco Loco
    I gave a box of chocolates to this girl I liked.  When she opened them in front of me,  we  were both appalled to see that half had been eaten. The culprits? My little brothers and sisters! Gio, 19

  6. Cut Nap
    I fell asleep on a couch in our living room, wearing nothing but my sando and briefs. I was roused from my sleepy state when someone entered the house and said hi to me. Unfortunately, I was too sleepy to recognize who it was. When I awoke from my nap,  a friend whom I had the biggest crush on was in my house. She was the one who said hello to me! Yikes! I hope I didn't turn her off with how I looked! Popo, 17

  7. Folded and Hung
    Some of my pants are too long but instead of having the length cut, I'd fold the ends and staple them to the length I wanted. I thought they were pretty much unnoticeable. Until one day, while hanging-out in school, a classmate pointed out the many staple bullets on my pants and started laughing. Pretty soon, everyone was making fun of me and my pants! Mikey, 17

  8. Date Flake
    After a tiring day, I fell asleep and forgot about a date I had that same night. I woke up at 1:00 in the morning and had so many missed calls on my cell phone. Martin, 19

  9. Dating Game
    I was out on a blind date with a girl. In the middle of it all, I forgot her name! Patrick, 17

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