15 Cute Things You Can Make With All of Your Couple Photos

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 11, 2015
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Have a lot of photos on your laptop or your phone of you and the boyfriend? If you don't know what to do with them because, of course, uploading everything on Facebook or Instagram will just annoy your followers and really unnecessary, too, then here's a list to help you. Best part? You can make one or all of these with your boyfriend this summer because why not?

 1  Photo display 

With a few materials, you can already come up with a cute way to display your relationship photos in your bedroom. Click the link to learn how you can make one.

 2  Wood photo display 

Here's an unusual but beautiful way you can preserve your favorite memories with you guy: Get a slab of wood and transfer your photo on it. It will give it a vintage feel.

 3  Sweethearts photo collage frame 

Time to get a little cheesy! Don't worry about it because you and your BF are the only ones who'll get to see the display anyway. Do a collage of your photos and form them into your names. A little old-fashioned, but still as cute as a button.

 4  Picture jar 

Jars + photos? How easy and how cute! Learn how to make these super adorable way to preserve and display your memories together by clicking on the link.

 5  Vintage candle holders 

Decorate your room in relaxing candle holders with your snapshots on it. Tip: Use  photos  from when you were just starting out to give yourself some nostalgic ~feels~.


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 6  Tree of love 

If you've been wanting a plant in your room for the longest time but you're scared of just killing it, then this tree of love is your next best option. Just a branch, a pot, a few little stones, your photos and you're all set to make your room prettier.

 7  DIY photo lamp

Light up your world, literally and figuratively, with this DIY lamp filled with your couple snapshots beside your bed. You surely will want to stay up all night to study while staring at this lamp for inspiration.

 8  Polaroid map pinboard

Are you both a fan of traveling and going places? Both of you will surely love this map pinboard where you can keep track of the places you've been to and your dream travel destinations.

 9  Pop-up photo box

If you want a personalized gift for your boyfriend or you're just fond of looking through your couple photos once in a while, this DIY tutorial is for you. Plus, you can update it with newer photos through the years, too.

 10  Homemade Smash book

Keep track of all your days as a couple by making your own version of this little book at home. making this can serve as you and your guy's bonding activity, too. Take turns at updating this book, and you'll be surprised at how many memories you make every day with each other.

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 11  DIY photo strip

Recreate the old days when photo strips were a thing with this DIY tutorial. Perfect for sequence shots we're pretty sure you really love doing with your guy.

watch now

 12  Folding book

If you don't know how to preserve your polaroid photos then this folding book tutorial is for you. You can make one folding book for every important moment in your relationship or for days when you've just collected so many polaroid shots together.

 13  Mini photo album

Want to carry your memories with you anywhere you go? This mini photo book tutorial gives you a step-by-step of one that's small enough to carry in your wallets.

 14  Polaroid necklace

If you are a fan of photo lockets, you can recreate that effect with this tutorial. Choose your favorite photo with your guy, and click on the link so you can make one to wear with you all the time ASAP.

 15  Photo diary

Want a relationship diary you can update anytime and anywhere? A photo diary of your relationship is all you need. Jot down notes of your memories and the places you've been to, why you love a particular meal from a restaurant you discovered, or a snapshot of your time together.

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Know more DIY tutorials you can do with the boyfriend? Share them with us in the comments or tweet us @candymagdotcom. :)

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