15 Punny Valentine's (Get It?) to Send to Your Crush

Get your crush to smile at these very cheesy but cute puns.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Feb 4, 2017
Image: HeatherChang.com via Pinterest
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  1. Fruity Mix

Combine fruits into your confession and you might just get the right answer back.

  1. Coffee Lover

Add some instant packets if you’re giving a card or ask your crush out for some coffee, this pun would make for the perfect segue!

  1. Mathematical

Corny or cheesy, we guarantee you’d make quite an impression on your crush with this.

  1. Bacon

Simple works best, this no-fuss card is all you need to tell your crush that they’ve invaded your thoughts like crazy.

  1. Gum Changer

Leave a card with your crush’s fave gum in their locker or desk and they’re sure to notice you.

  1. Inhaler

Being literal has its benefits and get a chuckle or two from them.

  1. Geeky

Tip: Works best if your crush is a huge geek like you and can relate to movie references.

  1. >Health Buff

Give them a healthy dose of Kale, humor and some love.

  1. Pizza Lover

When you have to choose between Pizza and your crush, the answer is obvious, both!

  1. Octopus

Doesn’t hurt to send this cute pun!

  1. Click

Not too cheesy, just right for blossoming feelings.

  1. Cheesy

And something over the top cheesy.

  1. Nuts

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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  1. Juan

Get a good laugh out of your crush with this, and immediately after sending, ask to hangout to grab some tacos, por favor.

  1. Otters

Get some extra points with this otterly cute pun.

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