14 Awkward Things Girls Do When They Have a Crush

by Mira Blancada   |  Feb 25, 2017
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A crush can inspire you, but at the same time make you the most awkward person ever, especially when you don't even plan to confess. You just want to admire him from afar, is that wrong? Nope! Believe us, this is totally normal...and these awkward things you do, too, out of that silly, little crush 

  1. Stare at him.

You seat at the back in class or in a coffee shop just so he won't see you staring at him with hearts popping in your eyes. But then, he looks back. Of course you'll look away and pretend you're actually looking around. This is so classic (and true!).

  1. Stalk him for hours.

You search for his Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts. But don't have the guts to follow (or add) him because you don't want him to know you're into him, so you just stalk. Until you unconsciously like something he posted three months ago. Oops!

  1. Look for something common between the two of you.

One of the reasons you stalked your crush is to look for something in common, so you can convince yourself and your friends that you're meant for each other. And it sometimes goes like this, "He has a baby sister? I love kids! Oh wait, guys, he plays video games. I play video games, too! (FarmVille and Pet Society, to be exact!)" LOL!

  1. Make a code name with your friends.

Of course, you want to tell your friends you saw him at the cafeteria without anyone finding out who you're talking about. So you make a code name, "Guys, I saw Mr. Tomato at the cafeteria!"


  1. Play scenarios in your head that probably would never happen.

Daydreaming about your crush anywhere feels so great because everything just seems so perfect in your imagination. Even though you haven't talk to him in real life. Or he just doesn't really know you exist. Well, who cares? At least you had a conversation with him in your head, and he's so sweet there!

  1. Go to places where you know you'll see him.

How will he notice you if he doesn't see you? So you go to places you know you'll see him. You've memorized his routine: you know he always eats dinner at the mall every Thursday and Friday, and he meets up with his friends at the park every Monday afternoon. You've memorized, literally EVERYTHING. It's kind of stalker-ish, but nothing can really stop you.

  1. Over-analyze everything he does around you. 

He asked for your number, and then you immediately think he's going to ask you out. Even though you were just both placed in the same group for a project...and he asked every groupmate's number for the meeting tomorrow. Sighs.

  1. You stutter when he talks to you.

Finally, you and your crush had a conversation in real life...with you stuttering the whole time. Get it together, girl! 

  1. Try to impress him.

You know how to jump rope like a pro, so you were so excited to impress him at gym class. But you end up embarrassing yourself instead because your shoelaces were untied.

  1. Show too much enthusiasm when he's around.
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You want him to see how fun you are to hang out with, so you get all bubbly when you're with your friends while he's just sitting at the next table. Sometimes, it becomes too much that even your friends think you're acting really weird. And when you're with him, you talk waaaaay too much because the dead silence makes you feel more uncomfortable.

  1. Or you become too quiet.

You get all conscious when he's around. And when you're with him, you'd rather let him do the talking and just observe how cute he is. You're just so scared that you might make a fool out of yourself.

  1. Ask for your friends' suggestions on how to reply. 

You don't want him to know you have a crush on him. Yet you want your conversation to be longer. So what do you do? You call, text, or chat your friends and ask them for any suggestions on how you're going to reply to him. Should there be cute emojis, just the smiley emoji, or no emojis at all?

  1. Laugh at his jokes.

No matter how corny they may be. A lot of people say that guys love it when girls laugh at their jokes, so you laugh too much that it becomes a nervous laughter. You laugh and laugh even if things aren't funny at all...or worse, even when he's not even joking! 

  1. And when he asks you if you like him, you deny everything.

Some people just can't keep secrets. Unlucky for you, you have a friend like that. Or maybe he just found it out on his own because you're an awkward potato when he's around. Then when he confronts you, you deny everything because him finding out was never part of the plan!

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