13 Embarrassing Moments In Love

Gaining someone's sweet "yes" is never easy, but things take a turn for the worse when the person whose heart you're out to win catches you making a complete fool of yourself!
  |  Jun 19, 2010
compiled by Ange dela Cruz and Mars Reyes * illustrations by Ben Deluyas
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  1. My Phone-y Valentine
    I was shopping at the mall with my older sister. She asked me to keep an eye on her bag while she went to the bathroom. While waiting for her, I spotted my crush with his friends. At that time, owning a cell phone was a big deal so I used it as bait for him to notice me. I took the phone from my sister’s bag and pretended to walk by him while talking to someone. It actually worked! He started to make his way towards me. I pretended to say goodbye to my imaginary phone pal and turned around to say hi to him. As soon as I did, he and his friends burst out laughing. Turns out, I was holding the phone upside down! —Brooke, 15
  2. Yes, Yes, You!
    My friends and I were hanging out at the park with some guy pals. One guy, whom I had a major crush on, offered to treat me out. I gave him my sweetest yes, even batting my eyelashes in major pa-cute fashion! My guy hesitated for a moment, then looked me in the eye. He awkwardly told me, “Ummm… Cara, sorry. I was talking to your friend—not you!” —Cara, 13
  3. No Dinner-o!
    I wanted to make a really good impression on this girl I was courting, so I brought her to an expensive restaurant. The dinner was so delicious, and the date was great! When it was time to pay the bill, I was shocked to see that my wallet was absolutely empty. I almost died of humiliation. My date ended up footing the bill! —Enzo, 18
  4. Tongue Tied
    I have this fear of talking to girls. Whenever I try talking to them, I stutter and stammer and say all the wrong things. Once, I wanted to stir up a conversation with this girl I really liked, so I said, “What school do you go to? Roodwose?” when it was supposed to be Woodrose! How embarrassing! —Charlie, 17
  5. IM-agine that!
    While working on my computer, a little box popped up announcing that my fave boy was online. Not exactly the quiet and coy type, I decided to confess to him that I liked him. I kept sending him sweet IMs, and he kept thanking me after each one. I was psyched because I felt he liked me as well! When he was about to log out, I typed,  “I love you, Anton.” After a long pause, I was beginning to think I had turned him off, until his reply came, saying, “This is his dad!” Yikes! —Trish, 16
  6. Car Trouble
    This guy and I were out on one of our first dates. When we got down from the car, I saw a big red stain all over his pristine white seat covers. I had gotten my period! It was such a mortifying experience! I gathered the courage to tell him when we reached the café. I hope he’s no longer grossed out about the whole experience! —Jess, 20
  7. Hold It!
    I found a great way to get my crush’s attention! Since my friends and I usually hang out at a nearby café after school, I invited him to join us. He agreed. When we got there, my “so-called” friends decided to challenge the whole group to a game of keeping a drink in your mouth the longest. They intentionally swallowed their drinks first, leaving my crush and I as the only contestants in that silly game. They started to tell all sorts of jokes to make us laugh, but their tactics failed! Then, one of them seriously blurted out, “Oh my God! You’ve got a stain!” I panicked and quickly asked, “Where?”  even before I realized it was all a trick! My beloved’s face was soaking wet because I accidentally spat my drink on him! I wasn’t surprised when things got awkward between us after that! —Kim, 13
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