12 Things to Do with Your Boyfriend or Boy Friend This Year

Another year, another to-do list with your guy!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jan 2, 2017
Art: Naomi Torrecampo
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Happy New Year, Candy Girls! We hope you've had fun during the holidays because it's going to be an amazing year for you and your bae. It's that time of the year when you're planning about your whole year again. But allow us to remind you to set your goals for your relationship, too. Need help with that? Here's a list we prepared for you!

  1. Give him 365 letters.

Make a letter for each day of the year filled with random good things you love about him or the things you'd want to tell him. You'll never know when he'll need the encouragement, so better be prepared now.

  1. Go on a breakfast date.

Instead of going out for dinners and brunch, ask him if you could go on a breakfast date. We promise it will give you a good start for the day. Plus, you can catch the sunrise together, too!

  1. Learn how to play a music instrument together.

If he knows how to play one, ask him to teach you. If you both don't know how, then you can learn together. There are a ton of tutorials online about playing instruments, and there are also studios that offer classes.

  1. Order food for each other at a new restaurant.

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Go to a newly-opened restaurant and order a meal for each other. You can have fun while eating them, too, and ask why they picked out that particular dish for you.

  1. Have a karaoke night!

Go to a karaoke place and sing your hearts out. And if you can, record as many videos as you can of each other!

  1. Ask him about what he wants to do.

Most of the time, you're in charge of what you're going to do on a date. This time, ask him what he wants to do. If he wants to watch a basketball game live, go with him. If he wants to play a video game, play against him. Make an effort to learn about the things he loves doing, too.

  1. Learn how to drive together.

Or if he already knows how to drive, ask him to teach you. You can get your student's license together, too. That would be really fun!

  1. Make a video of your date together.

You don't have to go out of the country to do so. Just do a video diary of one of your dates or one of your moments together. Or if you only get to see each other a few times each year (hello, LDRs!), you can compile photos of you together to make one cute video! This will surely come in handy during the tough times.

  1. Catch up with the friends you've lost touch with.

Admit it, once you get in a relationship, you tend to get all wrapped up in your own world that you forget you also have a barkada to spend time with. Spend a few times of each year catching up with your best friends because you'll never really know when they'll need you or when you'll need them, too.

  1. Climb a mountain together.

Go and be active this year, Candy Girls! Ask him to plan an adventure with you in the mountains while strengthening your relationship in the process. You'll surely get to know your bae better and see how patient (or impatient, yikes!) he may be when the conditions aren't exactly favorable.

  1. Dress up for Halloween.

Plan your costumes in advance and go together as a pair. It will be super fun, we promise!

  1. Reflect on your relationship.

And set new goals to meet the next year! Plus, you can also point out things you can improve so you can make the coming year a better one for each other, together.

What's on your to-do lists this year, Candy Girls? Share them with us in the comments or via Twitter @candymagdotcom. We always love hearing from you. :)

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