12 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Boyfriend or Boy Friend in 2015

Another year for the two of you to get into fun activities and make more memories together!
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Dec 7, 2014
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Another year is coming, Candy Girls! That means you have another year to spend time with your guy or your guy friend, learning something new and just being around each other. Running out of activities to do in 2015? We've listed down 12 fun things, one for each month, you can do together next year!

  1. Learn to play a video game. So you've always seen his game as competition and sometimes, you just want him to stop and focus on you for a while. Here's an idea for 2015: Why don't you learn playing it? Aside from giving him a chance  to get all competitive with you, you can also learn something new. Who knows, you might love it and be into it in the end? 

  2. Stay fit. Stay active and healthy next year by bringing your guy along with you during your exercise or jogging time. You can keep each other's health and fitness in check. Plus, you can also have your much needed QT.

  3. Get creative. Learn calligraphy, stamp-making, or painting together. Aside from giving you another way to document your milestones and your life together, you also have something new to learn together.

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  4. Have a photoshoot. Because you can never have enough photos of the 2 of you together, take some time off and play with your tripod and cameras. Just don't upload everything on Facebook, okay?

  5. Come up with your own recipe. You can experiment with the taste of your dish or dessert, or add your own twist to a classic recipe. This way, you have something to call your own.

  6. Hold a cooking competition. Ask your parents to be the judge and get all competitive with each other. Bonus: You also get to bond with each other's family.

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  7. Watch his favorite sport with him. For a long time, you always had control of the remote whenever you hang in each other's houses. Have him choose what to watch for a change. If he chooses football, don't be mad. Watch it with him instead and ask him to let you in on the game.

  8. Play a board game. Instead of going online or going out, bring out all your board games from when you were a child and learn how to play them.

  9. Volunteer. Do something worthwhile with your time and help a community or an organization make someone's life better.

    12 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Boyfriend or Boy Friend in 2015

    12 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Boyfriend or Boy Friend in 2015

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  10. Watch each other's favorite series. Give American Horror Story or The Walking Dead a try. He's always been there to watch Gossip Girl or New Girl with you and if you get scared, he'll be there to hold your hand anyway.

  11. Go to a weekend market together. Interesting finds and conversations with him during early weekend mornings will keep you energized for the coming weeks.

  12. Set three new goals for your relationship. Make your bucket list or just little goals you need to achieve by the end of 2015. The good thing with having a guy around is that you can keep each other's goals in check.

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  13. Have a wonderful 2015 with your favorite guy in the world, Candy Girls!

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