100 Guys Say What's Attractive and What's Not

A beautiful face win always mesmerize any warm-blooded male. But beauty can mean more than what the eye can see.
  |  Aug 23, 2010
compiled by Lora Gahol
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The Uncharted Territories

Surprise, surprise! Guys don't just look at the face when appreciating beauty, so you should never neglect those body parts that deserve beautifying as well. Discover which ones you should also shine the spotlights on.

  1. Feet
    Pretty tootsies and toes (read: CLEAN!) score pretty points on practically all guys. Pedicures are a must, but dark polish is still a no-no.
  2. Armpits
    Again, hair-free and white! Smooth pits clue guys in on how clean the rest of a girl's body is.
  3. Hands
    Schedule weekly manicures, or do your own cleaning. And don't hold back on the lotion. Only the softest manos deserve HH (holding hands) time.
  4. Neck
    The attraction to long, smooth necks has gone beyond exotic African locales. Swan-like necks display grace and femininity, so hold your head high!
  5. Back
    Note to halter top-donning babes: Keep that back zit-free!

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