100 Guys Say What's Attractive and What's Not

A beautiful face win always mesmerize any warm-blooded male. But beauty can mean more than what the eye can see.
  |  Aug 23, 2010
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Pimple Panic

For us girls, breakout-induced anxiety is heightened 10 notches at the prospect of bumping into the crush of our lives, or even just having to face a ruthless, teasing boy bud. Does a red bump really scream for that much attention?

58% notice, all right. But they see the fidgeting, conscious girl before the incriminating blemish! Next time you grow a zit, keep your cool! Chances are, he won't even see the tiny Taal Volcano on your forehead.

33% admit to detecting a pimple, but don't really dwell on it too much! They have their own acne problems to deal with, thankyouverymuch.

9% say, "Huh? What pimple?" A pretty face is a pretty face.

Do or Dye?

Very few girls can claim to have virgin tresses, now with hair coloring being one of the most requested services in beauty salons. Should you plunge into the trend? What shades rank high on guys' hot-o-meter?


61% still go for lush raven tresses! Shiny black hair just hints of classic Filipina beauty, which guys obviously love.

36% won't mind if you color your hair-as long as you opt for natural browns and even subtle highlights. No blondes and redheads, please!

33% of our respondents, surprisingly, want to see panache and radical attitude! A girl who isn't afraid of experimenting with oranges, purples, even blues must be one heck of a fun-loving gal! Just stay away from Martian greens, and you'll be fine.

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