100 Guys Say What's Attractive and What's Not

A beautiful face win always mesmerize any warm-blooded male. But beauty can mean more than what the eye can see.
  |  Aug 23, 2010
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Brace Yourself!

A cute smile is, undoubtedly, the best tool to turn a guy's head. But what if those megawatt pearly whites have to temporarily take the backseat to silver metal and wire?

69% say keep on smiling! As long as you practice good oral hygiene, the boys don't see why braces can't look cute! Just take it easy on the multi-colored and neon elastics!

17% suggest trying out natural-colored porcelain orthodontia-silver is just too distracting!

14% will stick to the Close Up pearly whites. (Note to these guys: Some won't have toothpaste ad-worthy smiles without braces, you know! be more forgiving!)

The Hair-Raising Truth

Superfluous body hair was acceptable during Fred Flintstone's era-we bet hairy pits were the benchmark of beauty back then. These days though, when waxing, tweezing, and Dr. Vicki Belo rule supreme, a few extra strands here and there spell poorly groomed, unhygienic, or just plain gross.

100% of our guys want the girls to be smooth and hair-free, especially on those parts they usually expose (legs, underarms). Out of this number, 87% consider stubbly pits the biggest turn-off, while the remaining 13% think hairy legs are strictly for guys only.


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