100 Guys Say What's Attractive and What's Not

A beautiful face win always mesmerize any warm-blooded male. But beauty can mean more than what the eye can see.
  |  Aug 23, 2010
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Most men agree that a pretty pair of smoochers conveys sexiness. Cherish those lips whatever their size and shape. Kiss those boys who teased you "Fish Lips" goodbye-plump and luscious Angelina Jolie puckers are in!

72% have developed the Lara Croft Syndrome. These guys absolutely love smooth, full lips that scream W-O-M-A-N!

19% go weak in the knees at the sight of a pouty, model-like kisser.

9% love the angelic look-tiny lips on a baby-faced girl.

Holy Mole-y!

Go easy on that tiny mark above your lip you so carefully disguise and are even considering to (gasp!) have removed! Remember, many great beauties had it, too! The difference is, while you call it a flaw, Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe called it a beauty mark. Even hunks like Richard Gomez and Piolo Pascual get their appeal from their "beauty" marks!

72% believe perfection is a myth! A little mole or birthmark lends character to a face and makes it more interesting. Think Natalie Portman and Giselle Tongi.


28% still prefer a clear, spotless face. But they're quick to add it's fine as long as the mark isn't a miniature world map.

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