100 Guys Say What's Attractive and What's Not

A beautiful face win always mesmerize any warm-blooded male. But beauty can mean more than what the eye can see.
  |  Aug 23, 2010
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Breathtaking Issues

We all want to take a guy's breath away-not drive them away with ours! The prettiest face will lose its appeal if her breath reeks of garlic! We asked the boys: What's the worst thing a girl's breath can smell of?

68% will go running in the direction opposite the girl who gives off stinky smoker's breath. Yosi kadiri! The remaining

32% will appreciate it if you pop a mint after eating a meal with pungent ingredients. No sense "sharing" that garlic-and-cheese pizza you had for lunch through your breath.

Just Brow-sing!

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. but what if they're framed by a hideous unibrow? To tweeze or not to tweeze? Do guys even look that close?

56% think perfectly groomed brows really make a difference A perfect arch makes a face look brighter and cleaner.

24% like them natural! Leave the brows alone-they can't be that bad.


13% get intimidated with Cruella De Vil-thin arches, so please don't get tweezer-happy and pull all the hair off!

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