10 Ways You Can Handle Getting Rejected by Your Crush

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 27, 2017
Image: Elpee Abias | twitter.com/elpeeabias
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Let it be known that it's not a joke to handle rejection...especially if it comes from your crush. Confessing your feelings is already hard, so you can just imagine how heartbreaking it is to be brave in confessing your feelings and then getting rejected afterwards.

Good thing we're not alone in that struggle, Candy Girls. Twitter world is actually full of ~*WISE*~ words about how to handle rejection from your crush. You'll be over him soon, you'll see.

  1. Sapakan na lang.

Because it's really not that easy to confess, you know.

  1. Focus on your studies for now.

We mean, you're in school for a reason. LOL, sorry, you have to remember your responsibilities.

  1. Make a joke.

At least witty ka pa rin.

  1. Or reply with one of the following.

To make the blow less painful. CHAR.

  1. Pray for him and his soul.

Manalig ka.

watch now
  1. Cry in secret. Because what else can you do?
  1. Be his friend na lang.

Maybe you'll be next in line when he gets his heart broken. JK! You totally don't deserve to be his backup girl.

  1. Trust in the universe's timing.


  1. You go on and empower yourself.

Yasss! Go, girl!

  1. Be thankful because you're not in the friendzone anymore.

At least you're in the rejection zone...and you're on your way to moving on. *fist bump*

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