10 Ways Scorpios Love Differently

Fellow Scorpios and Scorpio-lovers, listen up!
by Caitlin Anne Young   |  Sep 3, 2017
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Born between October 23 and November 21? Congrats! You're a Scorpio. As the eighth astrological sign, our element is water, our ruling planets Mars and Pluto. Plus, celebs like Emma Stone, Leonardo Dicaprio, Anne Hathaway, and Ryan Gosling join our club. But more than that, we love differently...

  1. Scorpios are passionate.

As Scorpios, we're intense. Our feelings run deep. We don't love lightly; we love passionately. Since we don't crush on people easily, when we do fall in love, we fall hard. It's difficult for us to get over past loves and flames since we put so much emotion into them. Giving someone our heart is a gift that we can't quite take back.

  1. We want to be in control.

Being in control doesn't mean being the "more powerful" one in relationships (because healthy relationships should always be equal!). We want to control ourselves, rather than others. Although we may seem aloof when it comes to feelings, we're actually just putting on a front to hide all the unbridled stress and emotion.

  1. We (secretly) still believe in true love.

Yes, we may seem stiff on the outside. However, deep inside, we're as mushy as the rest of 'em. We don't want to admit it, but yes, we yearn for everlasting love, too! (And maybe, we won't get grossed out at sweet stuff if it's especially for us). We pretend that we don't care—but we promise, we do!

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  1. We still need others.

Scorpios like being independent, but our pride may sometimes be our biggest downfall. During troubled times, we are afraid to ask for help, for fear of losing control. We just secretly want someone who will love and care for us unconditionally—or just someone who's willing to lend an ear.

  1. It'll take some time to crack our shell.

Much like the actual Scorpion for which our zodiac was named, we Scorpios have an outer shell around our heart—something very difficult to crack. We've all been called "ice queens" at some point in our lives for this very reason. We don't trust people easily since we secretly fear heartbreak. So we really appreciate it (and secretly melt inside) if someone actually takes the time and effort to break our shell and earn our trust. ♥

  1. We are resourceful go-getters who never quit.

After all, love isn't just limited to relationships. When there's something we want or love in life—be it a goal, a job, or just a new opportunity—we go for it. We're intense, remember? We're willing to go the extra mile for whatever we want, no matter how difficult—and the same applies in fighting for the people we love!

  1. You can trust us to protect our loved ones at all costs.

Tell us a secret and we'll never spill it. Give us a problem and we'll help fix it. Scorpios are fiercely protective of the people we love. We are passionately loyal and strong—meaning you can't break our love that easily.

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  1. We don't get mad easily, but when we do…

Scorpio is a water element, after all. So we're chill—for the most part, that is. We usually go with the flow, and it takes a great deal to irk us. So when we do get annoyed...well, better watch out. Even calm waters can turn into a raging ocean. Scorpios are fond of giving second chances, so please don't take advantage of it!

  1. Our expectations in love aren't that high.

People think Scorpios require a lot of qualifications when it comes to love. And they're right, we do but only for all the right reasons. We don't enter relationships for the sake of it; we only do it if we are 100% sure.

  1. We love with all our heart.

Yes, we Scorpios aren't perfect but when it comes to love, we love wholeheartedly—without holding back. We would do anything for someone we love. We'll always be there for you, and we hope you'll always be there for us, too.

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