10 Times YA Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations of the Guys in Our Lives

Things are so much different IRL, but it's not that bad.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Mar 5, 2015
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You are probably crazy about YA films and novels. They're romantic and super relatable. They also become our benchmark for the type of people in our lives, including guys we like and guys we're friends with.But one thing we don't realize? Sometimes we get a warped idea of what they're really like IRL. That's why when we found the Twitter account @broodingYAhero, we ended up laughing at how hilarious the guys of YA can be sometimes. If you need more proof, then here's a list of times it ruined our expectations from the dudes in our lives. Don't get us wrong. We love reading and watching anything YA, it's just nice to be reminded once in a while that real life is quite different—it's not perfect.

 1  That this statement means something romantic.

Reality check: When he says "Don't talk to me," he means he's not interested. Well, most of the time.

 2  That rainy days = big moments.

Reality check: No one wants to go out on rainy days. We prefer to stay in, eat, sleep, catch up on our shows. That big moment can wait, thankyouverymuch.

 3  That sweaty guys don't exist.

Reality check: This is a tropical country and sweaty guys are everywhere. Everywhere.

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 4  That they'll pay for our shopping expenses and we're supposed to be grateful for the makeover.

Reality check: We don't need a makeover for someone to love us. And although we love nice things, gifts won't give you a free pass to mess with us.

 5  That they'd go shirtless on random moments.

Reality check: Unless he's a real life Jacob Black, then no. Don't expect him to take off that shirt... and sport rock hard abs.

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 6  That they're perfect~*~*.

Reality check: No. One. Is. Perfect. Only perfect in your eyes. Maybe. But even then, they're probably not.

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 7  That being a daredevil will get you your parents' approval.

Reality check: That will only make them disapprove of him more and convince them he's not good for you. 

 8  That he can get away with anything because who can say no to his face.

Reality check: No he can't, especially when you're having a fight.

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 9  That romantic guys are always taller than you.

Reality check: It's all a matter of preference. As long as he loves you, then who cares if his height is 5 feet.

 10  That this is romantic.

Reality check: This situation is not romantic. It's actually complicated.

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