10 Things You Should Know Before Dating Someone from Lourdes School Quezon City

Dating: it's never easy.
by Gaby Agbulos   |  May 16, 2017
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In kindergarten, the perfect guy or gal meant finding whoever had the yummiest cookies and didn't always smell like glue. As we mature, more factors come in to play—how they look, how they dress, what they like—suddenly, everything matters. Lourdes School Quezon City, or LSQC for short, is a place full of diverse teenagers that always try to do their best. Here are a few things you can expect when you have your eyes set on a certain Lourdesian.

  1. Lourdesians want to make sure that you're always having a good time with them.

When it comes to dates, they'll always do their best to give you a good time. They'll do all that it takes to make you laugh, smile, and simply enjoy their company. When you're with them, they'll always make sure that you're having fun.

  1. They can be simple, but still sweet.

A good date doesn't always mean having to spend a lot of money. Since Lourdesians are like most students, living by the allowance given to them, dates may not always be the most extravagant, but they won't be any less special to either of you. They may take you to Mang Inasal, but they'll still manage to make you feel like the happiest person in the world.

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  1. They may need some time to get the hang of things.

Most of LSQC's high school students come from its grade school department which is exclusive for boys. It's only in the high school department that they're exposed to girls, so this means that a lot of them are not used to how to act around the opposite gender. Despite this, be sure to give them time to learn, and help them figure out how exactly you want to be treated.

  1. They love showing you off.

Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, you name it! It won't take long for them to start taking photos of you at your best and even your worst angles, posting photo after photo, never failing to think up the wittiest captions for each snapshot. If they love you, they won't be shy in telling the world that they're all yours.

  1. When school starts, Lourdesians are quite the busy bees.

Romance always tends to get a little rocky once homework starts to pile on top of quizzes, projects, and presentations. They may not be around as much as they were during the summer, but that definitely doesn't mean that they'll love you any less. Don't get mad at them if they start spending more time in the library than they do with you. Instead, try to help them with their studies.

  1. They are very determined.

You can't date until college? They'll wait. Your parents want to meet them first before you go out? They'll ask what time. Should they bring flowers, too? They'll do anything just to be yours because they love you, and they'll show a great deal of effort just to have you.

  1. They know how to set their priorities.

Maybe they have a Math test coming up, or their friend's going through a tough time, so they may not text back as quickly as they usually do. They will always prioritize what is most important, and when they finally do get to spend time with you, they'll make sure you feel like the only girl (or guy) in the world.

  1. They're very supportive (and hope that you are, too!)

They'll do their best to attend every game you play, every performance you have, or anything that involves you in it, honestly. It'll be a regular thing to see them cheering you on from the sidelines, screaming your name, praying that you win, and afterwards? They'll congratulate you, regardless if you win or lose.

  1. Family and friends are very important to them.

If they know you're the one, they'll definitely tell their parents and friends about you. They'll tell their mom and dad about how loving and kind you are, and they'll tell their best friend about how gorgeous your smile is. They'll want their loved ones to know about the one they love most, and will hope that when you meet them, you love them too.

  1. Above all, they're always there for you.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend should also be your best friend. They are your shoulder to cry on, the person to talk about all your problems to, the one you can always depend on to make you laugh after a terrible day at school. They are your happy place, and they'll make sure you know that you're theirs, too.

Again, Lourdesians are a diverse group of people. These definitely don't apply to all of them, but they all apply to one that is definitely worth keeping.

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