10 Things You Should Know Before Dating an Iskolar ng Bayan

by Chloe Ramirez   |  Apr 22, 2017
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Dating is a great time in life where you get to meet new people and gain new experiences. Some people find it weird or intimidating to date someone from the University of the Philippines, and so we came up with a list to help you out!

  1. There's a looot of things you can talk about.

Iskas have much to say on certain topics in society, and once you get into a debate with one of them, it can get pretty heated. No worries, though, because in the end, you both learn so much and feel more enlightened than before.

  1. They aren't all about school and acads, as you might think.

Some do focus mainly on acads, and some also join organizations or take part in extra-curricular activities—all while taking time to keep their grades up and have some fun on the side. Some like binge-watching rom-coms, others spend their time working with NGOs, and others love going on long walks along the Academic Oval. So many things to do!

  1. They keep their minds open.

As much as they are opinionated, they are also open-minded and principled. They will respect what you have to say if you too keep an open mind. You never know, these conversations might lead to something more for both of you! *wink, wink*

  1. You won't know what to expect.

UP students are so diverse, coming from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Because of this, the culture inside the campus is a unique one, where everyone respects everyone, no matter the age, gender preference, high school, or language. You can't really stereotype a UP student, which makes being with them more exciting.

  1. They know how to have fun.

Fun? Maybe it's playing b-ball for one, or finishing a game of Pandemic for another, or maybe even going to a party on the weekend. Most of them are pretty flexible! So trying new things with them and going on adventures isn't much of a problem.

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  1. They also know how to have fun AND serve the country at the same time.

An Isko and Iska serves the country and its people to the best of his or her capabilities. But don't worry, because…

  1. They will make time for you.

This is because they know just how important you are to them, especially once you're in a more serious relationship. If there's a will, there's a way, no matter how busy!

  1. But they might disappear a little during hell week.

Maybe hell week is the exception. After taking in an unhealthful amount of coffee and going to school sleep-deprived (We don't promote this, though. Stay healthy!), Iskos and Iskas, just like any other college student, also need time to themselves, their academics, and their other activities.

  1. Still, they will love you. Whole-heartedly.

To be completely honest, anyone raised well and principled would do the same. Accepting a person for who he or she is and being able to put aside one's differences with another is a big challenge. To do that for a person? He or she must mean a lot.

  1. An Iskolar ng Bayan will fight for you, through and through.

No need for an explanation here. Ipaglalaban ka.

And as much as dating a student of THE University of the Philippines is awesome, being together with someone isn't supposed to be because of their fame or brains, it's because you truly want to get to know that person.

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