10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Thomasian

by Arrah Balucating   |  Apr 12, 2017
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At 400 years and counting, the University of Sto. Tomas is one of the oldest universities to have stood the test of time. At 40 decades, it's also no question that UST is home to a plethora of brilliant minds, success stories, and beautiful people. So, if you find yourself falling head over heels for a Thomasian student, you might want to read on and consider these things first. Trust us, you'll have the upper hand with this info.

  1. They can get along with just about anyone pretty well.

Thomasians love mingling with different people. School rivalries are not their cup of tea, after all. Whether you're a blue, a green, or a maroon, the yellow is always bound to welcome you into their circle with open arms. You don't have to worry when you introduce them to your friends or heck, even your friends' friends.

  1. They can switch from skwala to refined real quick.

Like chameleons! They know exactly how to adapt to the environment. A true Thomasian knows when to unleash the skwala (get ready to be schooled in beki language), the pa-tweetums, and the classy Sally.

  1. Passion runs in their blood.

They are vocal about the advocacies and causes that mean a lot to them. They will fight for what they believe in 'til the very end. Also, for them, extracurriculars is life. They're quite known for filling up all four floors of the Tan Yan Kee building, or having a huddle at Plaza Mayor or the Q Pav—whether it be for org meetings or dance practice.


  1. School pride is important to them, too.

I mean, come on, we're pretty sure you've heard the "GO USTE" chant gazillions of times. And yeah, we made "Yellow Day" a thing, too. Oh, and be ready to brave the throngs of people for Paskuhan, which is a quintessential part of the Thomasian DNA.

  1. They believe that the best dates don't need to burn your wallet. All you need is Dapitan and P. Noval.

Take them out on a food trip to UST's unassuming streets and have a memorable first date to remember. Pro-tip: For Dapitan, you've got Love Lite, mango graham shakes, and Dimsum Treats. P. Noval on the other hand, will bless you with Mang Tootz' Banana Rama, Lopez Canteen's palabok, and CowWow's sausages. The list goes on but we'll leave that for you to discover.

  1. Spontaneity is their middle name.

Whether it's a random trip to Tagaytay just for the bulalo and the Starbucks or a good Rock Band sesh while waiting for the next class, they're g na g for anything you have in mind.

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  1. Get familiar with Mamang Sorbetero and Ate Yema.

...because they're i-c-o-n-i-c. Bonus points if you can spot them from a mile away. Extra bonus points if you patronize their goods on the regular and be their BFF while you're at it.

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  1. They are one of the most resilient people.

...and the most waterproof. A full-blown Thomasian has experienced at least one moment in their student life where they got stranded inside campus with floodwaters ankle, knee, or waist-deep depending on what building they're in. You'll even come across make-shift rafts if you're lucky. If they are able to constantly overcome that, then what can they not conquer?

  1. They'll have some trust issues from time to time.

The city's mayor has already broadcasted that they're cancelling classes due to inclement weather. But regardless of this announcement and regardless of the heavy downpour, Thomasians will always have to wait for the SecGen's final word. Which begs the question, who shall they trust more?

  1. Despite the deadlines and the busy student life, they'll know when to stop the world (and melt with you).

Just like how they drop everything and literally stop in their tracks at the first crack of the Angelus prayer playing all over the campus. No matter where they are, who they're with, or what they're up to.

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