10 Things You Need to Know Before Dating a Girl from DLSU

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 30, 2017
Image: De La Salle University | facebook.com/pg/DLSU.Manila.100
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At the heart of Taft Avenue lies De La Salle University, the home to some of the finest and brightest students in the country. It's safe to say that the women in La Salle could be classified as someone who has beauty and brains. But there's a lot more that meets the eye when you meet a girl from La Salle, here are some things you need to know before you ask her out on that date! 

  1. Happy Thursday is a rite of passage.

A standout trait for Lasallians is that their weekend starts rather early—Thursday to be exact. There are no Friday classes in La Salle, which eventually formed a tradition called, "Happy Thursday". Don't worry, every Lasallian experiences it at one point; it's just a day to relax before the weekend piles up with papers that needs to be finished, so take this opportunity to schedule your dates on that day. *wink*

  1. "Acads before lakads."

Even though their weekends start pretty early, that doesn't mean Lasallians are always out and about, they prioritize their studies as well! Being in a university that is trisem, they actually have a bit more load to work on. Make sure to understand if she decides to stay home and study rather than heading out.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the conyo language.

Sometimes, Lasallians have the habit of combining English and Filipino in their sentences, which some people have caught on and portrayed as being conyo. Not all Lasallians are like that however, but don't be shocked when you hear that she wants to go to "Starbs" on your next date.

  1. CheeseKnorr is a must!

Cheese and Knorr together? Sounds strange, right? But Lasallians probably eat this almost on the daily (with bacon and egg of course!) Ate Rica's bacsilog in Agno has gained a loyal following and you should probably try it yourself (with her, of course!) the next time you visit her in school.

  1. They're used to getting their hopes up.

Lasallians are so used to getting their hopes up especially when it comes to enlisting classes. MLS and Animosys are notorious for letting students down come enlistment period. She may have gotten used to being let down by the system, but make sure you don't do the same.

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  1. School spirit is essential.

School spirit varies per unversity, but Lasallians have a school spirit that is really unlike any other. Lasallians take UAAP season very seriously and it's not just with basketball; we're also passionate about volleyball, football, baseball, and even chess. Better snag some tickets to the next game if you want to win her heart!

  1. They care for animals, too.

Lasallians have a soft spot for animals. Just one look at their Facebook groups and you'll see endless posts about cats, dogs, strays, and the like. They even have cats inside the campus! (The famous cat, Archer is loved by many) and with Lasallians being so extra, they even have Twitter accounts for the pets inside campus!


  1. They're on time—most of the time.

La Salle is a pretty big university and getting from one class to another is no joke. They're only given 15 minutes in between classes to rush from the 12th floor of Andrew building to the 4th of LS building and they still get to class on time. It's a good practice for Lasallians to be where they're supposed to be in time (most of the time).

  1. God comes first.

Passing by the chapel and reciting the Lasallian prayer before every class, Lasallians have been taught that they will "do all their actions for the love of You". Make a lasting impression by asking her out to go to mass with you on Sunday!

  1. In the end, they're just carefree and fun to be with.

Lasallians are more chill and laid back (when it's not midterms or finals week), that you can easily talk to them about anything and everything under the sun. They'll always be down for whatever plan you have in store for them. It's so easy to be yourself when you're around a Lasallian!

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