10 Things Guys Love About Girls

by Drew Asuncion   |  Sep 18, 2011
photo by Dakila Angeles
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Okay, ladies, admission time. We guys know that you are already aware of the maddening effect you have on us, so please don't even try to deny it. We love you gals, and that’s a fact. But why is this so? Well, Candy asked the same question, and went straight to the source—guys—to pry out the answers. Get the knowledge, enhance yourself, and make yourself even more irresistible to us poor saps!

10. The Looks. Let's start off with the most basic reason for us to go gaga over you—how you look. Sure, some of you are probably crying foul already, but it’s a fact. Have you ever seen a not-so-good-looking crush ng bayan? But rest assured, this is only the tip of the iceberg, in the same way that you ladies notice a boy’s looks first before finding out everything about him.
Top tip: Alternate between looking girly and looking like "one of the guys"—we'll love that you look ready for any gimmick.

9. The Brains. We'll let you in on a secret—we already know a lot of you are smarter than us. Yes, we admit it, and what's more, we love it. The stereotypical valley-girl bubblehead is fun for a while, but in the long run, we want to be with you brainy babes. And while it seems like we’re intimidated at times, we really do love hanging out with a smart girl.
Top tip: Do the right thing and read up in school—it gets you in good with your folks, and us boys will always need a tutor!

8. The Empathy. When a guy goes to guy friends with a problem, he leaves with the sound of laughter ringing in his ears. But when he opens up to girls, the soothing sounds of empathy and understanding are all that he hears. You have a way of listening that makes us feel you care, and it’s great to know that we can make sumbong to you about anything.
Top tip: Guys talk to girls when they need sympathy, OR maybe want to get their foot in the doorway. Be guided accordingly.


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