10 Things Every Girl Who Grew Up With Brothers Had To Deal With

Sometimes they're just a little too much to handle.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 18, 2015
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Growing up with brothers isn't as easy as you think, you guys. Getting out of your room alone is quite an adventure and dealing with them takes a lot of energy—physically, emotionally, and mentally. To give you a clearer picture of how growing up with brothers feels like, we scanned through the tweets from the hashtag #GrowingUp WithBrothers (maaan, these #GrowingUp tweets are really helping us see where everyone's coming from!) on Twitter.

 1  They steal your food.

 2  They deny the fact that you're related or worse, say you're adopted. WHY? 

 3  You hit them accidentally, and they threaten to beat you up. Well at least it's just a threat. :(

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 4  They see you as the designated dishwasher after every meal. 

 5  Whenever they need another teammate, they'll pick you—but not because they want you. They just have no other choice. 

 6  They prioritize their game and their downloads over your needs (and your downloads).

 7  They never tell you when their friends come over your house. *facepalm*

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 8  But they do finish your food for you if you're too full to eat everything.

 9  They're also protective of you when the need arises. 

 10  And they will always, always have your back. 

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