10 Pegs For Your Next Couple Profile Photo

Because it's not "just a profile picture," couple photos are all about connection.
by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Jun 17, 2015
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Dying to change your profile photo with a snapshot of you and your bae but also trying to avoid all the things online PDA's made of? Then you clicked the right link because we've searched the Interwebs (or Instagram, hee hee) to find adorable photos of our favorite couples which can inspire your next couple profile photo. 


 1  Still missing summer? Show the world your favorite summer memory with your bae by using a snapshot of the two of you being total goofballs.

 2  Love imitating your love just for fun (and to secretly annoy him by being too cute)? Ask your friends to take photos of you doing his favorite pose. He'll surely find it too cute that he would think twice before getting mad at you for making fun of him.

 3  Candid photos are the best. Capture your moments together and show the world how your eyes light up whenever you're around each other.


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 4  Always use your environment. Great backgrounds can add a more romantic vibe to your photos. Turn your backs on the camera and you'll make your snapshot more artsy.

 5  All couples love being silly around each other. Nothing beats a great photo showing you and your guy making faces or making fun of the other person.

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 6  Learn to use your filters, Candy Girls! Choose the right kind of tone for your snapshots and make the photo look dreamy. There are a lot of free photo-editing apps that offer analog-looking filters. You just have to find the right one.

 7  Dress up and wear costumes. Transport yourselves to different worlds and different times, and make sure to snap photos while you're at it.

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 8  Seal things with a kiss! But remember, no eww-inducing photos please. This is especially romantic when done during remarkable moments like your anniversary or your birthdays.

 9  Learn how to use props. If your guy isn't as confident as you when posing for photos, divert his attention on something that he can hold on to like a pillow or balloons. This way, he'll look and feel more at ease during the shoot.

 10  But above all, remember to just show how much you love each other. A good background is a plus but always, always remember that your profile photo should convey how affectionate you are towards each other. Trust us, show some lovin' and the rest will follow.

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