10 Most Important Things In A Guy's World

Have the elements of a guy's life always been a mystery to you? Fear not, for help (and utterly convincing explanations) is on the way!
by Andrew Asuncion   |  Jul 3, 2010
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Men are from Mars, blah blah blah, so the overused quote goes. But there’s no denying it’s true. How many times have you observed your boy or your guy friends and wondered, “Why the heck are they doing what they’re doing, and what do they get out of it?” Well, believe us, Candy has asked that question as well, so they corralled this writer to explain the importance of the different aspects in a boy’s world. You girls ready? Here we go then…

  1. Food
    Hey, everyone’s gotta eat, right? Yes, you say, but not the sheer volume that boys regularly wolf down. You’ll often hear guys bragging about how many slices of pizza they can eat in one sitting. Well, the reason why we’re so proud of our massive eating habits is the same reason why we crow about how many baskets we can score in a ball game. We refuse to be outdone at anything, so we do our best to scarf down more food than anyone else.

    There’s also a more feminine element involved, because the bragging is accompanied with a pride in how our bodies remain unchanged despite the 15 chicken wings we just ate. And besides, we’re growing boys!

  2. Wrestling
    You say pro-wrestling is dumb, staged, shallow, and absolutely pointless. And we know all of those points and we totally agree with you! So why do we watch it? Simple: it’s the funniest fake violence we can get.

    We love watching over-the-top action, and it also comes out in our love for mindless action flicks, but we squirm when we see it and know that it’s real. So when we watch those pumped-up wrestlers pummel each other with live, faked high-flying moves, we get our action fix, as well as big laughs.

  3. Competition
    This isn’t an easy topic to explain. From the moment we’re born, boys have a tendency to want to be the best. Maybe it’s something in our genes. Or maybe it’s the pressure that comes from being a guy in the macho Filipino culture. Whatever it is, we always feel that we have to be the best at whatever we do. So you girls shouldn’t be surprised when we want to do things one more time “just to make sure it’s done right,” or when we want to do things ourselves “just so it’s done right.”

  4. Basketball (Or Sports In General)
    There are a couple of reasons why guys are so into sports, be it basketball, badminton, piko, or what have you. One is the intensely competitive nature of guys in general. Boys hate to lose, which is also why they take getting dumped by a girl very seriously. They consider losing as a personal offense. And where better for a guy to let that competitive nature out than in a hard game of basketball? That’s also why questions of whether a player fouled someone or not are tackled with more gravity and intensity than the formation of our National Constitution.

    Another reason is that it’s almost a requirement for guys to be into sports. It’s a must for boys to be able to enjoy the subtle nuances of any sport lest they be called bakla mercilessly.

    But perhaps the most important reason for trying to excel in sports comes, well, from you girls. It’s a proven fact that, in some sort of Darwinian joke, approximately eight out of 10 girls swoon over a basketball star. So why shouldn’t we try to be the absolute best  in winning ball games? Face it, you’d rather have the athletic hottie on your arm than the library-dwelling campus nerd, and that’s the truth.

  5. Cars
    The humble automobile is perhaps the ultimate expression of freedom for a young boy (although he may not be able to understand that concept quite yet). With a car, he can go wherever he wants, whenever he wants, with whomever he wants. And when a guy finally gets a car, it becomes an extension of who he is. That’s why guys go nuts wanting to dress up their cars—it’s like buying clothes, shoes, accessories, etc., for themselves. It’s probably also the reason why guys can recognize friends’ cars on the road just by their plate numbers or wheels, when they can’t even remember your anniversary date.

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