10 Mean Ways You Can Break Up With Your Bae

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  Aug 26, 2015
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There's a viral story of a guy who broke up with a girl while they were on an airplane, headed for someplace, well, not there. Their co-passenger live-tweeted the whole breakup process, and it made us want to cry and give the girl the tightest hug in the world to let her know everything's going to be fine. Imagine having to endure a few hours with your new ex-boyfriend and you can't even go somewhere to deal with the unfortunate news. (via EOnline.com)

We're all for breaking up with someone in person, but please don't do it where your ex-bae has nowhere else to go so he could be away from you for the rest of the day and process everything. In this light, we thought about all the mean and terrible ways you can break up with someone—a reminder to please, please don't choose to end things in the following ways. It's bad enough that you're breaking up, leave him properly at the very least.


 1  Suddenly changing your relationship status on Facebook to single.

Break up formally before you do so, or give him the right to change his relationship status first.

 2  In the middle of your date.

Don't lead him on. If the purpose of your meeting is to talk about your relationship, tell him beforehand.

 3  After celebrating your monthsary or anniversary.

If you've been feeling like you need to break up with him before your relationship milestone, tell him. Don't lead him on and make him think that things between the two of you are doing great.

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 4  A few days before his birthday or during his birthday month.

Don't let him remember his birthday the wrong way, but don't be so grand about your birthday surprise either—enough for him to think that you're both doing fine.

 5  During prom or graduation.

Again, don't let your ex-bae remember the important moments in his life the wrong way. If you've been feeling that way for quite a while, do it before the big event takes place so she won't feel miserable during the affair.

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 6  During a fight when you're both screaming at each other.

Having a fight in a relationship is normal, but if you're fighting about a small thing and you just suddenly feel like giving up, maybe you shouldn't do it first. Give it time and think things through.

 7  In public.

You don't know how he'll take in the news, so better do it in a place where he can receive the news any way he wants to.

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 8  By dating another person.

If you want to get out of the relationship, do it yourself. Don't go around looking for someone else and make the other person a reason to end things with your bae.

 9  By suddenly disappearing.

It's difficult enough that you're breaking up with your bae. Don't make it more difficult by not giving him enough explanation and a little bit of clarity on the reason why you ended things.


 10  By provoking her to do so.

If you want to break up with him, do it yourself. Don't pick a fight with him and tell him that if he wants out, he better do it himself. You want out, you do it yourself.

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And more importantly, if you witness a couple breaking up in front of you, stay off the social media and leave them be. How would you feel if someone streamed your breakup live for all of the WWW to see?

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