10 Best Ways to Catch and Keep A Guy's Attention

by L.A. Consing Lopez   |  Apr 17, 2010
photo by Dakila Angeles
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The whirlwind that is the girl-boy social scene is a lot like fishing. Like the sea, dating is rich in variety and opportunity. And once you've found a catch, you need to know how to reel him in. But more than just getting his attention, you need to know how to keep it too. Here are some helpful tips and insights on what to use as bait and how to get him hooked!

  1. Ready. Poised. Polished.
    THE BAIT: You don't have to look obscene or ridiculous to get attention. Stand out in a more sophisticated way. Get a guy's attention with a put-together look—fixed hair, classy outfit, clean nails, and so on. Enough with loud girls in tight, revealing outfits; what that really achieves is a mere fleeting glance. A girl with class makes an impression that lasts.
    HOOK 'EM: Show him that you're more than a pretty face. Your inner beauty and intrinsic charm should shine through. A guy may first be attracted to your looks, but it's your personality that keeps him lingering. There are lots of girls who look good, but not many can boast of an interesting character. Be one of the few!

  2. The More You Know
    THE BAIT: Be in the know. Reading books, watching the news, and keeping up to date on all the latest (and even juiciest) reports is a great way to keep the conversation (and his fascination) alive. You want to show him that you're a thinking gal who has an opinion.
    HOOK 'EM: Try to learn something from him as well. Not all guys may know the latest on CNN or the hottest trends, but you might be surprised to discover a lot of new things. Your interest in what he is saying proves that you're not just a good talker, you're also a great listener.

  3. The Charity Case
    THE BAIT: A good heart is always an admirable thing. With all the different charitable organizations around, it isn't that difficult to get involved and make the world a better place. Surprise your guy with your giving spirit. It shows that you have a social conscience whose world is not confined to the air-conditioned corridors of the mall.
    HOOK 'EM: Have him join you in your charitable activities. Get him involved the next time you go on a social excursion. Not only will you be doing a good thing by adding another volunteer to the good cause, but you'll also have a great excuse to spend more time with him. Two birds with one stone! Touché!

  4. High on Passion
    THE BAIT: Show him how passionate you are about life through your interests and hobbies. Guys are always looking for something unique and special about a girl, and your interest might just be it. Your dedication to your hobby tells him that he might someday be the object of your devotion.
    HOOK 'EM: Help him find his passion. You could either share your own passion or suggest hobbies for him to invest in. Get him interested in collecting unique knick-knacks from bazaars or going to the beach and finding one-of-a-kind shells. Not only is it a way to build his personality, it's an excellent opportunity to spend time together too!

  5. Be a sport.
    THE BAIT: It's a fact that guys like girls who are into sports, unless it's body building or wrestling, of course. After all, sports indicate that a girl is into fitness and health—always a good thing.  Show your sporty side and organize games with him and your friends. Let him notice that you're a team player.
    HOOK 'EM: Become his personal cheerleader. Watch his games and root for him. Your presence and enthusiasm show how supportive you are of him. This is the kind of thing that can really make a guy think: "This one's a keeper."

  6. Wicked Humor
    THE BAIT: Impress him with your wicked humor. Guys like to laugh, so pull out your funny books and research on the Internet. He'll notice what a fun-loving girl you are. Also, creating a lighthearted atmosphere makes it easier for him to enjoy himself and relax. Warning: Be hilarious, not ridiculous. Be snazzy with your words, not silly.
    HOOK 'EM: Laugh at his jokes. No matter how corny (yes, we love our "your mama's so fat" jokes) or politically incorrect, try to smuggle in a giggle or at the very least a big grin. It'll make him feel special and confident that he's showing you a good time. But if he suddenly pulls out a red nose or squirting flower, feel free to ditch and run!

  7. Make Scents
    THE BAIT: I guess it goes without saying that guys like girls who smell good. It's something that we really keep an eye, er, nose on. You could use something as simple as baby cologne or the latest designer perfume from Rustan's. But truth be told, smelling nice begins with good hygiene.
    HOOK 'EM: Surprise him with different scents. You may have your signature fragrance, but certain smells entice certain moods. Show different sides to your personality with the different scents you use. Not only will that keep him intrigued, he will also want to get close enough to take a whiff.

  8. The Friend Connection
    THE BAIT: Show him your social side and get to know his friends. His barkada is perhaps the deciding factor on whether a girl passes or not. So if you're chummy with them, chances are he'll notice that and realize that you'd be a natural addition to his life.
    HOOK 'EM: Let him know that he's important to you too. Don't exclude him from your activities with your barkada. Inviting him to get close to your dearest friends tells him that you're willing to emotionally invest in him. Also, your girlfriends have the right to see what's keeping you from the usual group parlor trips.

  9. Something's Cooking...
    THE BAIT: Mother always says: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Mother knows best. Catch him off guard with your wizardry in the kitchen. Cook up a storm and show him just how much of a domestic goddess you are. Who says you need Love Potion No. 9? A home-cooked dinner for two is all the magic you need.
    HOOK 'EM: Sometimes it's love that's brewing in the kitchen. Well, love might be a more advanced recipe, but both of you working closely together is definitely a great way of making sparks fly. Learning a new recipe might help you learn more about each other.

  10. The Honest Truth
    THE BAIT: Be honest about your feelings. If you like a guy, then express it. Honesty is not only very admirable but also quite attractive. It also saves a guy from playing the guessing game.
    HOOK 'EM: Be true to yourself. Inner confidence and knowing who you are will earn a guy's respect. And a guy who has respect for you is one who will stay in the long run.
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