We're putting a spotlight on Maria Isabel Layson in this month's Candy University feature.
He took a gap year before university, and it ended up being a significant experience.
The young star has been grinding in the industry since she was six years old, but she's only just begun.
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A breadwinner at 10, Francine's story seems like a real-life teleserye-and right now, everything's coming up roses for our leading lady.
Some of the celebrities who have worn Carlene Designs are Nadine Lustre, Sofia Andres, and Gretchen Ho.
She first used the platform to help her move on from her breakup.
Candy talks to Jikamarie about her humble beginnings before becoming a full-fledged musician.
Turners is a clothing brand that advocates for slow and sustainable fashion, and it's run by a one-woman team.
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