Meet the Fashion Major Who Grew Her TikTok by Posting About Her Outfits

While others were jumping in on dance trends, she was having a blast out of styling random pieces in her closet.
by Ashlee Baritugo   |  Dec 17, 2021
Image: INSTAGRAM/zoiegarcia
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Like most of us, fashion major Zoie Garcia took to the famous Gen Z populated app, TikTok, at the beginning of quarantine in 2020. New trends and dances were at their peak back in early quarantine, when isolation motivated everyone to finally go on the app they initially swore off. 

After seeing the success of her friends’ dance videos on the app, the 22-year-old college senior began posting her own dance videos on the app as well, despite admitting to a lack of dance skills. Soon after realizing these videos weren’t exactly doing so well on the app’s notoriously mysterious algorithm, Garcia began brainstorming more creative ways to create content—content she knew she would love to create. 

From dance videos to fashion-related content

So began her journey to establish a fashion community on TikTok; an early headstart she accredits the rapid rise of her online audience to.While others were jumping in on dance trends, she was having a blast out of styling random pieces in her closet. As of writing, she has 119,000 followers and 3.2 million likes on the app.


After her first few fashion videos, viewers from the For You Page began looking to her as an icon for style or fashion advice. “...People were asking me ‘Ate, how can you style this, how can you style that…’ I found it really cool that I could get to help a ton of people using my platform… I think that’s my main motivator to post content; I’m not really posting content for myself lang, I’d rather post knowing that I’m able to help other people,” she said.

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Soon after, Garcia took her creativity and audience interaction to new heights by ideating segments that revolved around her followers’ outfits.


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How her college life helped in content creation

As a Fashion Design and Merchandising senior at De La Salle - College of St. Benilde, Garcia found the importance of time management when it came to balancing her content creation, personal life, and academics. When thesis season rolled around and school grew to be more challenging, she found it helpful to allocate specific days for filming videos so that the rest of her week could be allotted for other things as well.


After over a year of balancing content creation and academics, she stressed the importance for anyone looking to go into content creation to set schedules, stick to them, and trust that everything would go smoothly. 

Fashion wasn't exactly her first choice

Behind her now established identity on social media, however, this student initially wasn’t supposed to take up fashion in college in the first place. Just a stone’s throw away from taking Legal Management as a pre-law, a full scholarship pointed her to all the right signs to simply pursue her passion for fashion.


From switching lanes as early as freshman year to delving into an unfamiliar path on a rising social media app during a pandemic, Garcia has definitely familiarized herself with embracing uncertainty and trusting in her passion to take her to where she is meant to be. 

When asked what advice she’d give for people hesitant to share their passion with the public, she highlighted one thing she learned in her journey as a content creator. “[The] number one reason people are scared [is] because they’re scared of being judged. But I think one thing that I’ve really learned is that people care a lot more about themselves than other people and how other people look at them. …All they need to do is think about how they’re doing it for themselves, to make themselves happy, and to sharpen their skills.” 


As a TikTok content creator, Garcia creates videos for anyone that needs help in the fashion area; whether mildly interested in styling or an avid fanatic of the industry, Garcia has shown how wide of a range her creativity covers when it comes to anything involving her craft, passion, and love for the fashion community. 

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