9 Essentials For Your Perfect Prom Emergency Kit

by Jelena Tiu   |  Feb 20, 2015
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Be the pro-active and ready Candy Girl that you are by having your own prom emergency kit! This could be the best night of your life, or this could be the night where anything could happen. Either way, we want your prom to be super fun and memorable, which is why we're sharing with you the best tips to having the best prom ever by simply being ready for every possible situation with our very own list of #promessentials.

 1  Breath mints

As delicious as the food and drinks on prom night could be, you could still possibly end up with bad breath after your meal. Avoid the awkwardness of having to talk to your date and friends by keeping your breath fresh and minty!  

 2  Oil-control sheets

If your face is prone to getting oily, this is a must for you! One or two sheets are enough to keep your face oil-free and fresh. This way you can avoid looking shiny in pictures with this essential.

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 3  Travel-size deodorant

Prevent baskil especially if you're wearing a dark-colored dress by bringing along a small stick of deodorant! Apply every 2-3 hours to avoid any underarm stains.

 4  Band-Aids

If you're starting to get bruises from raising the roof too high or if you're beginning to get blisters from all your killer dance moves, cover them up with a Band-Aid right away so it can help alleviate any pain. Give yourself some time to rest and make sure to check up on any more possible mishaps before heading back to the dance floor.


 5  Safety pins

This is the mother of all emergency kit essentials. Prom dresses, no matter how beautiful, are delicate and usually require a lot of effort to wear and maintain. In case your zipper breaks, or a part of your dress suddenly rips, stitching it up or pinning it will do just the trick! Proceed with caution especially when handling sharp pins. 

 6  Hair pins

Curl out of place? Bangs bugging you? Your hair just suddenly gave up on you? A pack of bhair pins is a must for every prom night. For a quick fix, you can style your hair differently and neatly using your pins. Just be careful to store them right away; they tend to go astray afterwards.

 7  Flats

Although heels look fabulous on any girl, not everyone's feet are up for the stiletto challenge. We suggest you bring along any pair of flats. It's stylish, comfortable, and super convenient! After a tiring night of dancing, you'll be thanking yourself for deciding to bring along a cute pair. Who says you can only look good in heels?

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 8  Power bank

 In case you forgot to charge your phone before leaving the house, power banks are essential in keeping you in touch with your friends and family! Also, this is important so your parents and friends don’t start worrying when they can't contact you. Keep them updated at all times!

 9  Extra money

It's always a good idea to bring along extra cash for any emergencies not on this list! Instead of having to borrow from your friends, carrying some extra cash will save your night from any other disasters.

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Remember Candy Girls, sharing is caring! If your friends or your date is suddenly faced with a potential prom problem, come to the rescue and be a helping hand at their time of need. They'll be thankful for you kindness and you'll both enjoy the night worry-free and ready to face anything!

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