Your Hour-by-hour Guide for Getting Ready for Your Debut

  |  Feb 1, 2015
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Finally, your most awaited day has arrived! You're just a few hours away from your debut partyand sure you'll be busy with all the preparations. But just before panic gets in the way, make sure you have a schedule to keep you from rushing and running about. Let this hour-by-hour timeline help you get ready just in time for your grand entrance! 

9 a.m. - Eat breakfast
Your beauty regimen starts just when you wake up. Get your morning rituals done (like yoga or some sort of stretching) and eat a healthy breakfast. Your day's going to be full packed so make sure you have enough energy to get you through a packed day. 

10 a.m. - Check your ensemble
Arrange things you'll need for your debut, and do final inspections of your gown--check if there are tears or rips so that you still have time to resolve it before your party. Hang your gown in a secure place (most probably away from the make-up area), prepare your shoes and accessories, and an emergency kit in case a mishap happens. Make sure there's enough room for suppliers to maneuver their way around your room. 

11 a.m. - Take a bath
Spending a longer time in the shower is understandable to make sure you are so ready for your debut. Lift your mood while pampering your body with bath essentials you love. A tip: For easier hair styling, keep your hair unwashed--or skip the conditioner—on the day of your debut.

12 nn - Grab lunch
Take a break and eat a light meal for lunch. Have enough protein-rich food to help you keep going for your big day. While you might be stressed out, avoid overeating and steer clear of too much salt, which will only make you feel and look bloated (we swear, that's not good) and may even give you a stomachache. You wouldn't want a stressor at your party, right? 


1 p.m. - Get hair and makeup done
Plot in two to three hours for hair and makeup because the last thing you want is to rush your HMUA into dolling you up. During your make-up sesh, wear a comfortable robe or a button down shirt so you can easily change without staining your gown or ruining your 'do. At this point, entrust the debut preparations to someone else—on't stress over last-minute details! 

3 p.m. - Change into gown
Wear your gown carefully or ask help from your mom or a friend. Doing so will lessen the chances of any mishaps. Put on the right accessories for a dramatic finish. And smile—don't you look good?

4 p.m. - Do your photo shoot
After getting dolled up, you're ready for the photo shoot, so wear your best smile! Allot at least an hour to let your photographer take shots of you, your family, and other debut details. You may also give a shot list if you have specific requests. 

5 - 6 p.m. - Travel from the preparation venue to the party venue
Allot enough travel time from the hotel to the party venue. Expect delays (like traffic!) so it's better to leave the hotel earlier. You want to arrive at your party at least half an hour before the start of your debut. Plus, you'll also have extra time for make-up retouches and bathroom breaks before your grand entrance. 

6:30 p.m. - Make your grand entrance
Just take a deep breath and you're good to go! Smile, and stun the crowd as you walk your way to becoming a lady. With sophistication and elegance, you're sure to have the best day of your life.

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