Your Guide to Venue Hunting: Pros & Cons of 5 Different Venues

  |  Feb 8, 2015
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As you start planning your debut party, you also start envisioning what it would be like. Would it be a night affair or an afternoon tea party? Whatever it is, your debut venue will set the scene for your party. Weigh these pros and cons of different venues to help you get the best setting for your debut.


Holding the debut at a hotel is popular among debutantes, especially those who plan to have a classic debut.

All-in-one packages

Hotels offer a wide range of services (e.g. catering, styling, coordinating and even providing hosts) that are so convenient. It's like having a one-stop shop for almost everything you need for your debut.

Accommodation perks

When you book a hotel, there will be complimentary accommodations for you the night before or after your debut. You can also score discounts for overnight stays for guests from out of town.

Suits any weather condition
Whether it's sunny or rainy outside, hotels will make you feel comfortable with their facilities. You neither have to worry about getting wet nor feeling sweaty all over.


Hotel rates are usually costly especially if you have suppliers from outside that you need to bring in. There will be corkage fees particularly with alcoholic drinks if you have any.

Limited hours
Hotels are usually fully booked with events. In case there's an earlier event at the venue you booked, you might be pressed for time to set up for your party.

Events Venue

If your debut needs a blank canvas, an events venue is your best bet.

More styling options

Most events venues have simple structures, so you can pull off your theme and not worry about clashing interiors and décor.

All-in-one packages

Like hotels, some events venues also offer party packages to make the preparations easier for you.


Starting from Scratch

If you won't avail of a party package, you'll do everything from scratch. You might also need to pay corkage to bring your chosen suppliers that are not accredited by the venue.


Fresh air, lush trees, and a serene scene are just some outdoor elements that will make you book an outdoor venue for your debut. 

Naturally beautiful décor

Outdoor venues provide décor that are effortlessly beautiful. Nature itself is the perfect backdrop for any kind of debut.

Wide Open Spaces
You and your guests can move freely from one table to another if you want to mingle with each other.

Vulnerability to weather

Our weather is truly erratic so you should prepare a Plan B if you're having an outdoor debut.Have umbrellas or fans ready when it gets too hot, and set up tents in case a downpour occurs.

For warm and intimate affairs, you may want to celebrate at a restaurant.

Inviting ambiance

If you're celebrating with family and close friends only, this is the ideal venue. The venue also helps foster warm conversations.

Less expensive
Renting a restaurant is cheaper than renting a venue and hiring a caterer. At a restaurant, all you have to do is enjoy your food and hang out with your guests.

Limited seats

Seats might not be enough if you have unexpected guests. Usually, restaurants only offer a part of their venue to for your party while the rest is open for their regular customers.

If you want a space you're comfortable in, there's no place like home.

No rental fees

Since it's your home, you don't have to rent a ballroom or pay corkage fees. You can use your own resources—that's more practical as you can save money for your other debut details.

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No time constraints
You don't have to share venues with other celebrants, plus you can party until the wee hours. 


Noise restrictions

If you think your guests will be pretty loud, celebrating at home might not sit well with the neighbors who want to rest.

Limited parking space for guests
Double parking on the street is such a pain, right?

The after-party cleanup
After your debut party, cleaning up all the mess would be such a hassle. You wouldn't have to worry about this if you had decided to celebrate elsewhere.

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