Your Debut Fair Cheat Sheet

P.S. Going to one shouldn't be stressful.
  |  Jun 13, 2015
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Debut fairs are staged to help debutantes plan their dream debuts. Such events allow you to score great deals and freebies, plus meet suppliers as well.

To help you navigate your way through one of these fairs (and keep you from getting overwhelmed), check out our tips below.

Register online to score free entrance
Keep an eye on online announcements--visit the event's website prior to the debut fair. Debut fairs charge a minimal fee, but most of them even offer free entrance when you pre-register on the event organizer's website.

Research on the suppliers prior to the fair
It's a good idea to review the list of participating suppliers prior to the event if you plan to avail of discounts. This way, when you get to the fair, you're already familiar with the participating suppliers' work, and you won't be second-guessing yourself when you book them at the fair.

To find out if suppliers can deliver the proper service, search online for honest reviews about their work.


Dress comfortably
Your OOTD for the fair should consist of comfy flats and clothes in light fabrics, because you'll be walking from booth to booth. Also bring a large canvas bag for the flyers, which you'll receive lots of at the fair.

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Ask suppliers for an extension
If you're leaning towards booking a particular supplier but you want to think things over, ask the supplier if s/he can offer the same discounted rates even after the debut fair. You can alsoschedule a meeting at their office so that you have their full attention, and they can address your queries better.

Read the fine print
How the supplier addresses your queries can also help you gauge his/her professionalism and personality. If you do find yourself booking your suppliers at a debut fair, take time to clarify the inclusions of what you're paying for. (It's a good idea to bring a parent when you go to a debut fair.) Read the contract, and check that every detail you've agreed on is in writing. Make sure that you're issued a receipt if you make your downpayment at the fair.


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