Your Complete Makeover Plan

Let go of all the things dragging you down! Here's a complete makeover plan that guarantees a happier you—inside and out!
by Pia Dedace   |  May 20, 2012
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Debbie downers
Here’s how to deal with so-called friends who bring you down.

Little Miss Insider
You may be singled out as the lone adventurous chick in a group of friends more bent on hanging out indoors, but it doesn’t mean you have to be treated as a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. In dealing with friends who deliberately make you feel left out, don’t feel something is wrong with you.  Try sharing your interests with other pals who can appreciate what makes you happy.

Little Miss Frenemy
This is the friend who makes you feel inferior, the friend whose ultimate goal is to make your life more difficult. She’s the Georgina to your Serena, the friend who stops you from realizing your beautiful true self. Break free from this kind of gal pal by asserting that you are beyond her opinions of you. When you’re sure of your capabilities, her nasty comments won’t even make a dent on you. 

Little Miss Merryweather
When she has a hard time comprehending the new lesson in Geometry, she runs to you for help. When her sundo can’t pick her up, she won’t hesitate to hitch a ride with you. When things are turning out well, she rejoices with you. But when it’s time for you to lean on someone’s shoulder, Ms. Fair-Weathered Friend isn’t anywhere in sight. Deal with this kind of friend by telling her that friendship is about supporting each other especially through the toughest situations.

Little Miss Excuses
In almost every barkada gimmick, she will always beg off at the last minute with the excuse that her car was stuck in traffic, she has stomach cramps, or her schedule is packed. While you respect her own reasons, remind her without being too rash that commitment is important in any relationship. You can also show her you are genuinely interested in hanging out with her. Who knows, she may even initiate the next barkada getaway!


Little Miss Queen Bee
If you find yourself striving to please your friend who dictates the standards you have to meet, dare to follow your own rhythm and do away with cookie-cutter perceptions of what is acceptable. It never hurts to speak your mind. In fact, you’ll gain more respect from your peers when you challenge common notions that others would merely live by. Besides, being popular is never the benchmark of a person’s worth.

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