When Your Best Friend Doesn't Like Your Boyfriend

by Mira Blancada   |  Mar 12, 2017
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When your boyfriend and best friend don't get along and she keeps pointing out his negative traits that, for some reason, you can't see, it's easy to assume that she's being jealous of your love life. But before making a conclusion, do yourself a favor and consider these things about her first: 

  1. She was there before your boyfriend.

She was there even before you knew how to put on make up and wear heels! She was the one you came running to when your crush rejected your confession. And when you had a fight with your mom when you were 13, who did you call? Your best friend! She saw you turn into a beautiful lady that you are right now. She's basically engraved in your life.

  1. You don't have to worry about breaking up.

You don't have to impress her by doing something you don't usually (or want to) do and be guarded all the time just because you don't want her to break up with you. You can wear the ugliest sweater, and she'll still hang out with you at the mall; she'll probably tell you you're wearing the ugliest sweater ever, though. Still you won't be offended because you trust her style more than you trust yours.

  1. She's seen you at your worst.

She was there when you broke your ex's arm because he lied to you, she saw how mean you can be when you're annoyed, and she saw you ruining your frenemy's bomber jacket last week! She may have scolded you for those mean things you did, but she will always stay because she knows those mistakes don't define who you really are. She knows that at the end of the day, you'll feel guilty and apologize to those people you've hurt; she will always see the good in you and will always have your back because she's your best friend.

  1. Her presence feels like home.

She's your best friend for a ton of reasons, she's like your sister from another mother. Her presence makes you feel safe; she's your comfort zone. Sometimes, you even think if she's your soulmate in another life because she knows you more than you know yourself. And even though you're in the middle of a fight, you're not scared of her leaving you because you know she will never do that; you will both choose to move on from it. 

Has this happened to you, Candy Girls?

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