Your Back-To-School Survival Guide

Because vacation time is over!
by Jikka Defino   |  Jan 6, 2014
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We know, ten months in school can actually burn you out. But hey, we're down to our last three months! Make 2014's first quarter count by surviving (and acing) this school year.

1. Start with a fresh perspective. If you have a new task at hand, clear your mind and drop all your worries! Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, take a breather to relax your mind. This will help you regain your focus.

2. Grades will always matter. Before anything else, know that you are first a student. Just read, take down notes, participate, do your requirements, and give your 101% in all academically-related stuff. Pretty sure you'll do well, you awesome person, you!

3. Focus. Think of a core goal. Is this school year all about getting an honors standing? The lead role in the next production? An athletic scholarship? Think about this goal then list down all the other things you have to do, and focus on what's important at a given time. Know what you want so you can work your way towards it.


4. Avoid spreading yourself too thin. It sure is good to discover your interests by trying out different things, but don’t do everything all at once! Chances are you won't be able to deliver efficiently. Remember that you’re human and that it’s okay to say no when you already have too much on your plate.

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5. Build friendships. True friends are always there to help, even if the only help they can offer at times is a hug. Doesn't it feel good when someone compliments you or gives you a warm hug after a job well done?

6. Look your best. If you want to be this year to be the best, you might as well dress the part! Try on a new hairstyle, stay fit, or put on a little makeup. Do whatever makes you feel more confident about yourself. There's nothing like a girl who excels in all her commitments and still has the time to take care of herself.


7. Eyes on the prize. Done with the presentation that’s been stressing you for days? Go watch a movie! Reward yourself with a red velvet cupcake after turning in that ten-page paper. It's always good to set a little motivation to keep you going.

Got other tips for fellow Candy Girls? Just leave a comment below. Best of luck, everyone!

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